What’s the big deal with the new Branch Chain Amino Acids?

Branch Chain Amino Acids are the newest and groundbreaking product at Vital Body and we love them. To put it simply, they are single amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides that are “hooked” together with vitamin C, that your body does not produce on it’s own. These BCAA’s are the building blocks for your muscle tissue.

Phase 1 through to Phase 4 friendly

So, this fruity drink, a.k.a. the amazing Branch Chain Amino Acids, can be used in all phases of the Ideal Protein diet. In Phase 1 to ensure that there is zero loss in lean mass and in Phase 4/ Maintenance it is used to build and sustain muscles. One packet a day is the amount to take while in Phase 1.

How to use the Branch Chain Amino Acids when working out

I follow the maintenance program as designed by Ideal Protein. I have been using the BCAA’s on the days that I workout. You can drink the whole thing immediately post workout or as I do. I pop the packet into my 1 litre water bottle and drink 1/2 before my class and then guzzle the other 1/2 immediately after. Very yummy. The amino acids help you to work longer and harder when taken before and then repair and build muscle after.

I have really been feeling strong! Coach Marion has been threatening to get the calliper out to measure my arms. She is loving her pipes too as seen in the picture!