See how Vital Body helped Samantha lose her excess weight and develop a healthy relationship to her body.

Thanks to dieter Samantha who shared about her weight loss story on video. When Samantha first came to Vital Body, she was ready to change her relationship to herself. Following our structured and proven weight loss program, along with her personal Certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach, Samantha lost those 36 lbs that she had put on during her stressful studies in university. She had tried other diets but with little long-term success.

Today, Samantha is enjoying living in a body she loves and has a new found peace of mind around food. We hope she inspires you the way she inspires us here at Vital Body Weight Loss Centre!

The VB Team

In the past, my relationship with my body was negative. It wasn’t a healthy relationship, that’s for sure. I would eat and eat and eat and probably not choose the best things to eat. During the summer I would kind of get depressed about it or not be happy with my weight. I’ve tried other weight loss programs. It literally was hopping on a scale and having your weight recorded and then sitting down and having a group meeting. If I looked in the mirror, I honestly would turn away. I just blamed myself for letting myself go that far. Wasn’t happy with myself and I think it kind of grew to other people as well. I kind of tried to push them away and I just knew I had to make a change.

My first association with Vital Body was actually with a coworker who had done the program. She came back after a few months and she just looked incredible. The team at Vital Body; they’re great. They’re your girlfriends, they’re a support system that you can go to. They help you through a journey and have their hand out the entire way. They tell you so much more than just the basics so I felt like I was informed about my weight loss or where I was at and how the program would work. There’s real science behind it.

Losing weight is obviously 90% of it but to me, that 10% of just finding myself is so much more important. I feel good about myself and that’s what matters the most.

Samantha Mee

lost 36 lbs, from Squamish

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