It was in 2011 that owners Amrita and Zan started their weight loss clinic with just 3 friends and today we coach over 120 people each week on their weight loss program. This March, we celebrate the 6 year anniversary of Vital Body. With the coming of this six year milestone, we wanted to do something special. That’s when we found Sole Food Street Farms.


We are proud to announce our admiration and support for the crew at Sole Food Street Farms.

Food security and access to organic and local produce is an area we care deeply about. Every day, we coach our dieters to eat four cups of vegetables a day. We love it when they are able to purchase their veggies through local and organic sources. We feel it’s important to support the movement of growing food locally for a sustainable future. We also believe in an exodus from the use of pesticides and other chemicals used on our produce whenever possible.

Sole Foods has created a solution for a thriving, sustainable future in producing food locally in inventive ways. On top of that, they have used their infrastructure to help people on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. You may have even notice the huge parking lots around the city where they are growing and farming produce!

What Sole Foods does:

  • Grows organic produce in empty urban lotsSole Food Street Farms
  • Employs 30 people from the Downtown Eastside
  • Sells fresh, seasonal produce to local restaurants and households

Sole Food Street Farms is a charitable organization and we believe they are providing innovative and positive solutions for local farming and meaningful employment.

Thanks to your patronage and business, a percentage of our profits will go to Sole Food Street Farms. Many thanks for being a part of the Vital Body community and for trusting us with your weight loss journey.

You too can support Sole Food Street Farms. Visit them at

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