Water enhancer encourages you to love your water.

Drinking water is so important on the diet for a number of reasons. One it hydrates an often under-hydrated body. Two, it makes you more alkaline. Three, it helps the kidneys and liver flush out toxins. Four, it is required to turn your fat into energy. Five, it’s great for your skin. And the list could go on and on.

We know it’s not easy for everyone to become a water drinker over night. There isn’t a mega ton of water needed on the diet! You need eight 8oz cups. That’s 64oz of water. Some of you have 24oz water bottles and so it’s only three of those. We have clients that think they need to drink 10 water bottles! Make sure you measure and know what 64oz looks like. The water enhancer is a great new additional tool for loving your water!

Things to remember.

Also, remember our secret deal. If you are having a coffee or black tea you need to add an extra glass of water for each cup of coffee/tea you have. This helps neutralize the acidity of the coffee/tea. Herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint are great but we do want you have pure plain water as the majority of you water intake. One more reminder, bubbly water like perrier or from soda streams don’t count. They too are acidic.

For those of you that really need some help getting your water intake up, or you simply need a change try the water enhancer. It boosts electrolytes, is diet approved and is delicious. We find the flavour a bit sweet so instead of using one packet for 500ml we use it for 1000ml or more! Even a sprinkle with ice and fresh mint can make you feel like you are having a cocktail.

Talk to your coach for new ideas, areas you are finding a challenge. We have a solution for everything. The program really can be easy.