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Zan, owner of Vital Body Weight Loss Centre, talks about her personal struggles with weight loss and how she found the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. Find out why we love what we do at Vital Body.

What happens at a Free Consultation?

1. Learn about the science behind our weight loss program.

We are science geeks when it comes to the amazing design of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method which is the weight loss program we administer at Vital Body. Though we are happy to get into details about our scientific approach, we promise to not overwhelm you at your Free Consultation. Understanding how the body assimilates fat cells and how to approach weight loss safely, both physically and mentally, we believe, is a necessary first step.

2. Get to know us!

You are about to make life long changes so don’t you want to do that with people you like? Having a personal weight loss coach and weekly support plus ongoing support for life is a key component of what makes us so unique. We aren’t an online do-it-yourself program (those can be great for some people too). We are here to serve those of you who know you thrive with a structure and with a support system. Meet a coach at the Free Consultation and visit our clinic to see if it is the right place for you to start your weight loss and weight maintenance journey.

“VB is clearly not about collecting people’s money, but truly the health and wholeness of the person.  I have never encountered that in any diet institution place.” – Jackie, after her Free Consultation in March 2018