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No! There is no commitment made about the amount of weight you lose. The only commitment is the one you make to yourself, and our job is to guide and support you along the way. At your first appointment your coach will ask you if you have a goal in mind, as most people do. Some people have an idea of what weight they are aiming for, whether it be their pre-pregnancy weight, wedding day weight, or their college weight. For many, it’s reducing weight to reduce medication and reclaim their health. Everyone’s story is different.

Vital Body administers a doctor designed weight loss protocol called Ideal Protein. This protocol is based on the physiological principles of the body that allow our clients to lose weight safely, and then learn to maintain that weight loss long-term. Our program has three phases:

Phase 1 is designed to successfully lose excess weight. We also teach you how to transition from weight loss, to our stabilizing Phase 2.

Phase 2 is an 8-24 week program that will stabilize your body at your new weight, and ensure your long-term success. You learn how to introduce all food groups into your diet in a sustainable, and healthy way.

Phase 3 is what we call Maintenance and Lifestyle. It’s less glamorous as there’s no huge transformation or weight loss at this point, but this is the phase where you enjoy your success, and feel truly awesome. The accountability and support of our coaches in this phase lets you dig deep into healthy habits, self-care, planning, and recipes that will work for you according to your unique macro code.

An important component of the protocol is education. As you lose weight, you are also learning the skills and habits needed to create a new lifestyle. Building a new healthy lifestyle, and learning to maintain your new weight long after the weight loss phase is our main priority at Vital Body.

Our weight loss program is highly personalized to each individual, but typically, you will be eating a mix of your own prepared foods–vegetables and lean protein–in combination with our Ideal Protein foods.

There are over 60 foods to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. Some of our foods require preparation and others are designed for those with busy lifestyles, so that you can carry foods on-the-go. Our foods are high quality protein-based foods that give your body what it needs to feel good on the program, without the high carbohydrate content that can hinder weight loss. These foods are only required for the duration of your weight loss phase but are encouraged in your maintenance phase as healthy snack options!

Many people are surprised to discover that our recommended exercise is limited to walking and stretching and some light resistance training while in the weight loss phase of our program. A lot of people believe that rigorous exercise is needed to lose weight, but that’s just not true! If you already have a routine you love, discuss with your coach how we can incorporate it into your program.

This might seem strange at first, but it’s important to note that our medical protocol is designed to help you lose weight without starvation or excessive hunger, and generate successful fat loss without compromising your lean muscle mass.

A lot of people are concerned they won’t have enough time to follow this program. But we know what happens to our health and wellbeing when we don’t prioritize it…this is often why our clients end up with excessive weight and unhealthy eating patterns in the first place.

Adopting new habits and a new way of living and eating will take some time, but it’s time well spent. This program helps you put yourself first, and realize that your health and happiness is worth the time investment.

Vital Body gives you a structured and easy to follow program, so that you save time on wondering what or when to eat, and simply follow your unique personalized plan.

Traveling while on the plan is possible, and many clients have had continued success while traveling. Your weekly check in with a coach will only take 15 minutes, making it very easy to squeeze into jam-packed schedules.

Since everyone has a different amount of weight to lose, our pricing is based on weekly participation. Our weight loss protocol is amazing, but what creates your long-term success is our coaching. The coaching and program management fee is billed every 4 weeks, and the fee includes your Personal Coaching sessions, access to the Ideal Protein app, and all your Ideal Protein Foods shipped straight to your door.

Phase 1: $157/week

Phase 2: $114/week

Phase 3: $43.74/week

Most of our clients report saving money on our weight loss and wellness program because they are eliminating expensive bills from eating out. This program is unlikely to cost much more than what you currently spend on food.

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