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Do I have to commit to a weight loss goal?  

No. There is no commitment to us about how far you go on your weight loss program. The commitment you make is one that you are doing for yourself and our job is to guide and support you along the way. At your first appointment your coach will ask you if you have a goal in mind as most people do. Many already know what number they would like to see on the scale: their pre-pregnacy weight, their wedding day weight, their college weight. For others, it’s a pair of jeans they used to love. For many, it’s reducing weight to reduce medication and reclaim their health. Everyone’s story is different.

Every week you will weigh in on the Ideal Protein Smart Scale that syncs with our coaching app. This allows you and your coach to look at body fat, hydration, lean mass, visceral fat and weight. Weight on the scale is one measure only (yes, it is fun to have a specific goal weight), but understanding your percent body fat, and your hydration are all important.

Most of all, we will ask you how you feel in your body. Feeling lean, healthy and confident are measures your coach will look for as you lose your weight. When the time is right and you have reached your “goals”, it will be time to transition into the Lifestyle Program and learn to maintain the weight. If at some point you decide it’s time to go for another 5 or 10 pounds, you can simply go back to the weight loss phase. Similarly, if you have an unforeseen circumstance in your life and need to transition to maintenance earlier than you planned for, your coach will help you transition earlier and you can return to the weight loss phase at a later time.

Though there is flexibility, it is always encouraged that you begin with a clear runway of 3 months. Meaning, having 3 months to dedicate yourself to the weight loss and weight maintenance journey will create good momentum for you and ultimately set you up to win.

You can timeline your program with a coach at a Free Consultation or at your first appointment when you get started. They are planning experts!

How does your weight loss program work?

Vital Body administers a medically designed weight loss protocol called Ideal Protein. This protocol is based on the physiological principles of the body that allow our clients to lose weight safely and then learn to maintain that weight loss. An important component of the protocol is education, so that as you lose the weight, you are also creating a new lifestyle. Building a new lifestyle and learning to maintain your new shape long after the weight loss phase is done is our main priority at Vital Body.

On our weight loss protocol, you will be eating a mix of your own prepared foods like vegetables and lean protein in combination with our protein foods. There are over 60 foods to chose from on our protocol and no one is ever disappointed with the array of choices. Some of our foods require preparation and others are designed for busy lifestyles so that you can carry foods on-the-go. Our foods are high quality protein-based foods that give your body what it needs to feel good on program without the high carbohydrate content that can prevent weight loss. These foods are only required for the duration of your weight loss phase but encouraged in maintenance as healthy snack options.

How much exercise is required on your weight loss program?

Many people are surprised to find out that exercise is actually limited to walking and stretching and some light toning while on the weight loss phase of our program. Mostly likely you have heard that exercise is an ideal way to lose weight so we understand if our approach seems strange to you at first.

First, it’s important to note that our medical protocol is designed for 2 important things:
– Losing weight without starvation or hunger of any kind
– Getting rid of your fat without compromising your muscle mass (keeping all your lean tissue)

If you’ve dieted before, you may have had the experience of rigorous exercise leaving you feeling depleted and hungry. You may have even been fighting yourself to keep up your will power in the face of doing something extreme and exhausting. This is simply counter to our approach.

Rigorous exercise in a weight loss phase can cause the body to want to reach for glucose stores found only in muscle mass, eating away at itself. It will look like weight loss on the scale, but that weight loss will most likely be made of part muscle, part fat. Our job at Vital Body is to make sure that your weight loss is fat loss only.

Since building muscle and burning fat are counter forces in the body, it’s actually important to separate these processes. On our program, we focus on losing the weight and feeling good in your body and mind while you are doing it. When we get to the Lifestyle Program in maintenance, that will be the time to introduce exercise that is enjoyable to you. For some, this mean running a marathon, for others it means long evening walks with their dog. Exercising for fun versus exercising to lose weight, we assure you, are two completely different experiences!

How do I do your program with my very very busy lifestyle?

Good question. Let’s turn this question around before we address the mechanics of the program (it is actually easy to follow!): Do you think your busy lifestyle and your inability to prioritize yourself is in some way connected to your weight gain overtime?
For most people, the answer is a clear YES. Okay, now that we’ve got that clear and you know that finding a way to put yourself first will be required for you to not only lose the weight but more importantly, learn to keep it off, we can look at the ease and structure of the program.

Ideal Protein is a brilliant weight loss protocol in part because of its science but also its structured plan. It’s the number one feedback we get at Vital Body: the sheer ease of following a program that simply works when followed. If you, like most people, thrive on structure, guidance, simplicity and accountability, you will absolutely love the ease of this program.

At your first appointment, we will walk you through Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein protocol (the weight loss phase). You will know exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Part of the brilliance of the protocol is that it makes room for variety in your meals by choosing from a long list of vegetables and protein. You will not be bored. Instead, you will learn to enjoy whole foods in a way you never have before.

Traveling with the program can also be done with planning. Many of our clients have done this successfully. In fact, they have enjoyed tending to their busy travels without having to put so much energy into thinking about what to eat. Just following the program does the trick. The most important key to plan for with your busy life will be your weekly check in with your coach. Coaching is an essential part of our program so you will want to make room in your life for you and your 15 minute weekly check in. Check ins with your coach are also where you will plan your week ahead and trouble shoot for your busy life.

Remember, prioritizing yourself in the face of your busy lifestyle will be a key component of learning to maintain your weight in the long run.

What should I budget to lose my weight?

Since everyone has a different amount of weight to lose, our pricing is based on weekly participation. Our weight loss protocol is amazing but what makes it successful is the coaching. Our coaching and program management fee is billed every 4 weeks. The fee includes Ideal Protein Foods, essential supplements and a personal coach dedicated to you.

Phase 1  $145/week 

Phase 2 $98.75/week

Phase 3 $31.25/week

Most of our clients report saving money on our weight loss and wellness program because they are eliminating expensive pub tabs and $25 lunch meals. This program is unlikely to cost more than what you are currently spending on food.

A coach can answer further questions about pricing at a Free Consultation.

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