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We know people struggle to lose weight and that it’s confusing and frustrating. We have the answer to healthy weight loss. You deserve to wake up energized and fit into your jeans.


  • Do you give 110% and then not see any real results?
  • Have you almost given up?
  • Have you lost the same 15lbs over and over again?
  • Do you find the information confusing?
  • We get it. You try hard and nothing happens.
  • Stop going program to program.


  • Burn your own body fat for energy
  • Maintain your lean muscle mass
  • No hunger
  • Micro nutrition managed
  • Resets your metabolism to be flexible and able to use fat and carbs for energy
  • Hydrating
  • Teaches you to eat better
  • Has a transition plan to a healthy lifestyle after goal weight reached
  • No crazy hormones
  • No injections
  • No wild promises
  • Personalized to your life and situation


  • A professional that understands the complexities of weight loss
  • A guide that is there for you along the way
  • Support
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Working by your side and with you to help you build the skills and habits to succeed
  • Accountability
  • And specifically to weight loss –  a medically proven protocol that is based on science and backed by medical professionals

For many people weight loss is a private journey. They struggle alone. They buy one program after another. Be it books or apps. We are so much more than a book or an app. These programs can get you going but our clients say they are not able to reach their goals on their own. They give up, struggle or start to plateau and are not sure what to do next.

They come to us for a complete solution. One they can trust and that ensures their effort and investment is going to work.


This is interesting to respond to. Of course we want fast weight loss, who doesn’t! But our top priority is health and making changes that are sustainable. Too many clients come to us who have lost and gained the same weight over and over again. They are hear to do something different and put an end to yoyo dieting.

Women can expect to lose 2lbs per week and men lose 3lbs per week.

I believe that is FAST weight loss. I had trained for a 5km run and then a 10km run and was doing yoga 3 times a week and I lost ZERO pounds per week before I discovered the Idela Protein weight loss program. So doing this weight loss program and reliably losing 2lbs every week was a miracle in my books.


That’s right no hunger. On this weight loss program you get some of your energy from food and the rest from your own body fat.
Yes you eat less but if you eat the right foods your body will go into ketosis and use your body fat for energy.

We can give you a super clear power point presentation on exactly how this works. There is no mystery in our weight loss program.

You meet with your coach every week to fine tune your program, ensure you are getting optimal results and ongoing education about the weight loss journey. Plus accountability and support.


Let’s be honest. Simple does not always mean easy. Some effort will be required. Interrupting patterns and habits is part of weight loss. But clients always report “this is way easier than I expected”.

We show you exactly what to eat. We give you options. We find out your preferences and lifestyle and work with that.

The world is not currently set up to help people to eat well and be well. We are overworked, tired, and surrounded by fast food and tempting and addictive food (if we can even call it food).

Our program offers amazing food options that are tasty and satisfiying. You are not doing 3 shakes a day. You are eating real food and over 60 protein foods to select from.

“I was prepared to suffer and eat anything. I was desperate. But it turned out I loved the food and it was deeply satisfying” Marisa G. Vital Body Client


In October 2022 after 12 years of serving Burnaby Heights we moved our clinic online. The heart of our program is the 1:1 time you have with your coach. The foundation is the medical 3 phase Ideal Protein protocol and it’s all brought to life through the coaching.

We have a success agreement but no contracts. Food is emotional. We don’t want any added stress to your program. We show you exactly what to eat and how to be successful. We are there for you every day.

We serve clients from coast to coast in Canada. We ship your products directly to your door.

If you do not live in Canada we offer a Healthy Habits coaching program.

Our program has three phases -Phase 1  is to lose weight and then the biggest mistake people make is not understanding how to move from a weight loss phase to a stabilization phase.

The body loves to regain. I think we’ve all had that experience and know that!

Phase 2 is an 8 week program that ensures you stabilize your body at the new weight. We teach you how to introduce all food groups into your diet.

Phase 3 is what we call Maintenance and Lifestyle. It’s less glamorous as there’s no huge transformation/weight loss. But it’s the phase where you feel awesome, get to do things you could maybe not do before and live your life.

And it’s the phase where you really want a coach. The accountability and support in this phase digs deep into habits, self-care, planning, tools, recipes and how to eat according to your unique macro code.

Without a coach in Phase 3 the temptations of life, the stress of life, can hijack you and all your efforts.

Set yourself up to win. Get a coach. Have them educate you so you are not following blindly and commit to completing all three phases of the protocol.

You won’t regret it. And you can fit in your jeans again.




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