Success Stories

We have hundreds of success stories, here are a just a few.

Eric Andreasen, lost 50 lbs, from Port Moody

Eric’s weight loss story is quite amazing. He came in to Vital Body just when his health was on the cusp of tipping over into serious health issues. Luckily, he nipped in the bud. He had gained his weight from years in a high stress position. Eric was skeptical of weight loss programs out there. When he came to Vital Body and learned about the science behind our weight loss method, he started right away. We are so glad he did. We know his wife and children are happy that Eric made changes to his health and reverse many of his conditions.

When my doctor told me that my weight would have an impact on the length of my life, it was an oh, my god moment right now, because the reality was I could die very shortly.

As I put on weight, my blood pressure went up to the point where one day, a couple years ago, I had a little bit of an unusual thing. My sight got sort of fuzzed up and then my assistant said, “You got to get down to the doctor right now.” I went downstairs to the doctor in the clinic, and the guy said, “Well, your blood pressure’s like 160/105. That’s above the limits. You need to get on medication immediately.”

Three in four people in your kind of condition will not here in a matter of five to 10 years, but I want to be there for my kids as they grow up and to sort of experience life with them, and that was when I really sort of changed my mind about what I had to do with my weight. The more weight I had, the higher my blood pressure.

The team at Vital Body treated me with respect and concern, and they didn’t push me into anything. They just gave me the bare facts. And these people had a genuine interest in a good outcome for me. I thought, wow! This is going to be a little bit difficult because I’m really changing my eating habits and I’m really going on a program that’s going to maybe make me feel uncomfortable.

Not for a second did I really fell uncomfortable. Every time I met with them, they were enthusiastic. They encouraged me beyond my wildest dreams. They supported everything that I was going through. I lost 50 pounds. I’ve never gained that weight back for a day.

As you start through this journey and on a daily/weekly basis you start to see your weight disappear, it motivates you. And that, coupled with the motivation and encouragement that you get from the team at Vital Body is what you need to actually accomplish the mission. They just keep encouraging me, so I’m tickled pink.

Sandra, lost 125 lbs, from Vancouver

Sandra had been overweight most of her life. Coming from an Italian family where food was always at the centre of life, she was in a constant battle with food. We remember when Sandra first came to see us. She was more than skeptical but was desperate for a solution. After researching many weight loss programs, she took a leap of faith with Vital Body. She hasn’t looked back since. Sandra is truly an inspiration to us all!

I was overweight my entire life. Being in an overweight body and feeling trapped by it, was hard. It was hard to express myself. The inability to take care of myself caused me to feel really guilty, and inadequate. I felt frustrated by the lack of initiative that I took to deal with something that is so important. What changed was deciding that it was time to make changes for myself, to put myself first, to be healthier, to set myself up for a longer and healthier life. I had people in my life that were involved with Vital Body, and I knew them, I could see the difference that it made in their lives, I could see the smiles on their faces, and I thought, “I can do this.”

The first time that I got in touch with the Vital Body Clinic, I was hesitant to go to the intro session, just because life was busy, and I wasn’t prioritizing this. It was actually my coach that I had the initial contact with. I didn’t know she was going to be my coach yet. Her energy was just amazing. She was just infectiously positive about the ability to do this. For me, it was being introduced to a support team, and structure that really paved the way for me to be successful doing this. The results were so motivating, and in that first few weeks when it starts to work and you’re like, “Wow, it’s not that hard, and I’m not hungry. I’m feeling so good about the changes that I’m making,” as the weight starts to come off, and the compliments started rolling in, and my clothes started to get too baggy. It all became so doable, and possible.

My life just started to change. I weighed 291 pounds when I started the program, and I’m at 180 now. This clinic’s called Vital Body, and I feel so much more vital in all of the things that I do with my body, and the way that I am able to engage with others, with my family, with my loved ones, with my friends, with my work. It’s just been really infectious, and positive, and I’m really grateful for that.

Bryan Wong, lost 53 lbs, from Vancouver

Bryan struggled with weight most of his life, until he met the team at Vital Body who guided him through their structured and proven weight loss program. He was skeptical at first but very quickly realized that he was feeling great on the diet and getting the weight loss results he had wanted for so long.

We hope you enjoy watching Bryan’s inspiring weight loss video testimonial.

When you physically see someone in your life really make that change, you really start to believe it’s possible. I do owe a lot of thanks to my best friend. He’s the one who actually started the program first. Within the first 30 days, I started seeing changes in his body. He just started looking longer, straighter. I asked him, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’ve just been doing this new program. I told you about it three weeks ago. I told you to try it out.” I’m like, “Oh, yeah. I remember you said that.”

Throughout my life, I’ve always been a little bit overweight, a little bit chubby. I didn’t go from skinny to overweight. I just was overweight on a constant slope. The most part it affected my life was the social aspect, just some things I wouldn’t really participate in, especially going to parties and everything like that. When you don’t feel confident about your physical self, you’ll justify not doing things. The person I was, I’m still the same person I am now, but the way I look is more congruent with the way I feel.

Me personally, I’m a very skeptical person when I look at dieting programs and weight programs and everything. Before Vital Body, I tried going to the gym, I tried cleaning up my diet. But all those processes, although they would last a few weeks at the time, there was no accountability to it. That was the most important thing going into Vital Body, because it wasn’t just me focusing on changing myself. There was people behind me, reminding me.

The knowledge you gain from the team, with seeing them every week, and then kind of boosting you and giving you confidence as well, that’s the true value. It’s not hard. You’re doing something that’s a life-changing thing. I was just amazed at the end of it. I couldn’t believe that this was me.

Samantha Mee, lost 36 lbs, from Squamish

Thanks to dieter Samantha who shared about her weight loss story on video. When Samantha first came to Vital Body, she was ready to change her relationship to herself. Following our structured and proven weight loss program, along with her personal Certified Ideal Protein Weight Loss Coach, Samantha lost those 36 lbs that she had put on during her stressful studies in university. She had tried other diets but with little long-term success.

Today, Samantha is enjoying living in a body she loves and has a new found peace of mind around food. We hope she inspires you the way she inspires us here at Vital Body Weight Loss Centre!

In the past, my relationship with my body was negative. It wasn’t a healthy relationship, that’s for sure. I would eat and eat and eat and probably not choose the best things to eat. During the summer I would kind of get depressed about it or not be happy with my weight. I’ve tried other weight loss programs. It literally was hopping on a scale and having your weight recorded and then sitting down and having a group meeting. If I looked in the mirror, I honestly would turn away. I just blamed myself for letting myself go that far. Wasn’t happy with myself and I think it kind of grew to other people as well. I kind of tried to push them away and I just knew I had to make a change.

My first association with Vital Body was actually with a coworker who had done the program. She came back after a few months and she just looked incredible. The team at Vital Body; they’re great. They’re your girlfriends, they’re a support system that you can go to. They help you through a journey and have their hand out the entire way. They tell you so much more than just the basics so I felt like I was informed about my weight loss or where I was at and how the program would work. There’s real science behind it.

Losing weight is obviously 90% of it but to me, that 10% of just finding myself is so much more important. I feel good about myself and that’s what matters the most.

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How many pounds have our clients lost so far?

I heard about Vital Body and the Ideal Protein protocol from my friend, Tina, in December 2019.  I had my consultation a few weeks later.  I did not join right away, with the holidays just around the corner.  I did not want this to be just another failed resolution and so I waited.  I took the time to think hard about my reasons, the changes I would have to make, my willingness to do so, and my lack of will power after years and years of failure.  I was turning 55 in March.  If not now, then when; it would only get harder with age.  Finally, I was ready to commit – not because I wanted to look better (I did not realize it at the time, but I actually had given up on that a long time ago), but simply because I wanted to feel better.  I came to realize that this time I could be successful, IF I committed not only to the protocol, but IF I faced and conquered those demons that triggered my using food for comfort, and IF I learnt to put myself first.  I began Ideal Protein on February 14, 2020 – my Valentine’s Day gift to myself – at 176.4 lbs. on a 4’11” frame that is short waisted with a well endowed upper region – if you catch my drift 😊.

I have reached my goal of 127lbs, and I am now on Phase 3.  No more heartburn, knee pain, or lower back pain.  I sleep better, feel lighter, have more energy, and my memory and focus have improved.  I have learnt to put myself first and have shaken off not only 49lbs, but the dark cloud of dejection, guilt, shame, and low self esteem that I did not realize overshadowed my life.  Food has become a source of fuel my body requires to function optimally.  It is no longer a treat or reward.  If I want to reward myself, I book myself a massage or spend time doing something I want to do – guilt free (I say this because I live with my sister and senior parents, so my time is often not my own).

I can honestly say that I love who I am becoming (assertive) and for the first time in a long time, I am taking pride in how I look (younger and sassy) and revelling in how I feel (positive).  Thank you to my coach – Zan – and everyone at Vital Body for being so supportive and patient.  All that I have gained on this journey and more, I wish for you in abundance!

Nashila Premji

lost 49 lbs in 2020, from North Vancouver

Over the years I have gone from being active, up to my mid twenties, to gradually not as active as I could be. I lost track of good habits and got wrapped up in ‘Life’. Over the years I hear doctors, family, friends and myself say “you need to lose the weight” and other stories related to being healthy in my mind and my body.

A year and a half ago, I had enough… and decided I was tired of being tired and heavy, in my body, my soul, and my mind.

I gave myself a Christmas gift of life. I was 263 pounds and I decided to set a goal for a healthy life for the rest of my life (my driver licence picture renewal was coming up and I wanted my picture to be happy and I wanted to see my chin and neck line again). I needed to be at healthy weight for me…under 200 pounds. I managed to get to 240 pounds on my own and I was stuck.

This is when I met Vital Body and the wonderful coaches and staff. They helped me gain my self-confidence, educated me to make healthy food choices and helped me change my relationship with food. I was holding myself accountable.

I am now 195.5 pounds and confident to maintain a healthy life style for the rest of my life. I am also happy with my “confident, happy, slimmer face and neck line” photo on my drivers licence! *

Brian Kummer

lost 45.6 lbs, from Burnaby, BC

I wanted to get healthier and MOST importantly have a lifestyle change. I was tired of yo-yo dieting which didn’t sustain long term. I knew I needed accountability and support on my journey and through a friend I found Vital Body. And I am so glad I clicked on that link and went for my consultation. It’s the biggest gift I gave myself. The staff at Vital body didn’t just help me loose weight BUT through their guidance, encouragement and friendship they helped me gain my self confidence, educated me to make healthy food choices and helped me change my relationship with food. Who knew loosing 82 pounds could be a fun and enjoyable experience!!!! I felt so amazing throughout my journey, full of energy, no mind fogginess and no CRAVINGS.

I won’t term it as a ‘diet’ because it’s a lifestyle and the program is so easy to follow because its structured so well. My wonderful Coach and I had a mantra:  EAT the SHEET (the program is outlined on a one page sheet) and the pounds just melted away. 🙂  Do yourself a favour and give yourself the gift of vitality. You wont be disappointed at Vital Body. *

Jenny Naik

lost 82 lbs, from Vancouver, BC

I had been struggling with my weight for a few years and every attempt I made to try and lose weight on my own was unsuccessful. I heard about Vital Body through a friend and she raved about it. I reached a point where I realized that  what I needed was something that gave me structure and accountability and the ability to lose weight in a safe, healthy manner. Vital Body was the answer.

The most noticeable thing for me, in addition to the weight coming off, was that I felt amazing. My head was clear, I had energy, the food cravings went away and I felt good about myself.  The support, guidance and encouragement from the Vital Body staff was the glue that held everything together. I can’t say enough about my experience. You won’t be disappointed! *

Kathy Clive

lost 26 lbs, from New Westminster, BC

After having two kids in three years and struggling to come to terms with my daughters rare disease diagnosis I found myself depressed and overweight. It was difficult to deal with the emotions surrounding motherhood and special needs parenting when my self esteem was low and I was unhappy with my appearance. My decision to contact Vital Body and commit to the Ideal Protein program has been one of the greatest things I’ve ever done for myself. The support, guidance and acceptance I received from all of the coaches at Vital Body gave me the confidence and determination I needed to lose the weight. As a busy mom I found the Ideal Protein program the easiest way to lose weight and I’ve gained valuable knowledge of what a healthy diet should look like. I feel like my old self again and have realized that when I take care of myself, I’m better able to take care of my family. If not for the caring staff at Vital Body my story could be very different and I am so happy and grateful to be where I am now. *
Amanda Buck

lost 57 lbs, from New Westminster, BC

After struggling for more than 5 years to lose weight on my own – only to watch the scale tick upward year after year – I finally decided I needed expert help. Who would have thought that losing 50 pounds could be such an enjoyable experience? Once I found my favourite foods and learned to trust the process and the guidance of my amazing coach Gina, the rest was effortless. Three months after reaching my goal weight, I’m feeling fit and healthy and enjoying my new lifestyle. I don’t think I could have given myself a greater gift at this stage of my life. *
Elan Bailey

lost 51 lbs, from New Westminster, BC

Never before have I ever been successful with my weight loss attempts! I lost 45 lbs in 5 months. The incredible coaching at Vital Body gave me extremely valuable tools to lose the weight and to have kept it off for over 2 years now. It’s a battle but when you have a team supporting and caring about you, it’s a battle you’ll win! I’m so thankful I clicked on that link and met the team that assisted me in becoming healthy, vivacious and happy. *
Terry Specken

lost 42 lbs, from Coquitlam, BC

The team at Vital Body treated me with respect and concern and they didn’t push me into anything, they just gave me the bare facts. These people had a genuine interest in a good outcome for me. Every time I met with them, they were enthusiastic, they encouraged me beyond my wildest dreams and they supported everything I was going through. *
Eric Andreasen

lost 50 lbs, from Port Moody, BC

I lost 80 pounds in just over 5 months, but more importantly I gained the energy to fully participate in my children’s lives. I have the Staff at Vital Body to thank for teaching me their simple body and spirit transformation process. They guided me at each step and through every week of my journey with a detailed easy to follow plan, and they have continued to support me through my first six months of maintaining my goal weight.

As my waist size decreased, my role as an active Father increased. Vital Body is the best thing I have ever done for my children, my wife and most importantly for myself. *

Bill Brasington

lost 80 lbs, from Burnaby, BC

Vital Body in Burnaby, BC has been the answer to me losing 65 lbs! I have never felt better about myself both mentally and physically. The program is amazing. You get to eat real food and still have coffee. They had me at coffee!

The coaches are the best part. They are there every step of the way always encouraging and very supportive. Do yourself a favour and just try them. You will wish you started a long time ago…go on I know you won’t regret starting the most amazing journey of your life with the Vital Body Team! *

Andrea Picci

lost 65 lbs, from North Vancouver, BC

I approached Vital Body because I wanted to lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off.  I can’t say enough about my experience with Vital Body, they made me feel like family. The coaches were there for the highs and lows, made my challenges their own and took a personal interest in making sure I met my weight loss goals. *
Dan Kim

lost 41 lbs, from Port Moody, BC

I never thought that, at the age of 71 and 80 pounds overweight with a number of the associated medical conditions (high blood pressure and heart disease to name two), I would reach my goal weight – and with relative ease.  

Vital Body is well named. It has renewed the vitality in my life – in my body, mind and spirit. *

Marcia Jacobs

lost 80 lbs, from Vancouver, BC

After acquiring a bit of a belly (and more) over a couple of years of sedentary work, in February 2016 I enrolled in Vital Body’s weight loss program. I was able to lose 22 lbs after two months (imagine one of those big 10 kg sacks of flour!) and my beer belly along with it. Better yet, the folks at Vital Body are intent on making sure I keep my new lean physique for life, and are showing me how.

I had never thought I’d enrol in a weight loss program, but am so glad I did. The science and amazing coaching behind Vital Body’s program is solid and, as you can see, it works. If you’re like me and want to shed 10, 20 or more pounds, I totally recommend it! *

Jordan Bober

lost 28 lbs, from Vancouver, BC

I was referred to Vital Body by a friend and decided to talk to them about their concept and was intrigued by the science and approach. When I walked in VB my weight was 275 lbs, diabetic with high blood pressure and all the other issues that come along with being overweight. Within the first 60 days my diabetes had regressed and no longer needed medication, my blood pressure began to fall and all the other symptoms seem to fall away. Now, 6 months and 85 lbs later, I am learning to maintain my new healthy weight. A true game changer in my life! *
Tony Santos

lost 85 lbs, from Vancouver, BC

I’ve had many failed attempts at losing weight in the past but their approach is different. The whole VB team is great, they are always there for you, even when I put out an SOS call they called me back right away!! The program is easy to follow, there are many different products to choose from and with the combination of your own food you never get bored or discouraged. I really appreciate the weekly visits and now I’m in maintenance after losing very close to 20 pounds in 3 months! I’ve never felt better, I’m full of energy, loving my new body and working at keeping the weight off while continuing my coaching appointments. I highly recommend Vital Body, you won’t be disappointed! *
Sandra DiTosto

lost 20 lbs, from Vancouver, BC

*Disclaimer: The results are those of the individual that is identified. Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost in the first two weeks and up to 2 pounds per week thereafter when the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method is followed properly. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs. Useful in weight reduction only as part of an energy-reduced diet.
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