Aging with Grace

Marcia came to us with a plan to lose weight and to change her future. She was heading into her 70s and wanted to reverse some issues, avoid surgery and medications. She lost 80 lbs and regained her vitality and strength.

It did not happen overnight but one day at a time, one week at a time and there she was at her goal weight! We know getting started can be the hardest part. Marcia thought about it for a while. She hesitated as she had tried many programs that had not been successful or sustainable.

Most of our clients have already tried very hard to lose weight. They are frustrated and feeling defeated. How can so much effort not get them to their goal? The food landscape is tricky in today’s world! We help keep you on track, keep things simple and delicious. You will lose 2-3 lbs like Marcia on our medical program. And most importantly you will learn how to keep that weight off for good.

Marcia Jacobs, Lost 80 lbs in 2015, Vancouver, BC

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