Nutritional Keto Protocol with a Certified Ideal Protein Coach

Feel good and get results.
Our weight loss program is founded on sound medical principles and our clients experience results every week while feeling amazing. Unlike the most other diets, we do not use needles, pills or hormone therapies. We are a food-based solution.

Vital Body Weight Loss Program

Our program that helps you lose weight!
Scientific Weight Loss

Scientifically Proven

Insulin is the hormone that enables fat to be stored. On our program, this master hormone is temporarily reduced (naturally) to allow the body to access fat cells for energy. This is the core science behind the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. A coach will be happy to explain the science in more detail at your Free Consultation.

real food

Eat Real Whole Foods

You will eat real whole foods in combination with our high quality and delicious protein foods. Your coach will help you plan your week and make sure that you are enjoying your easy-to-follow weight loss plan every step of the way.


Perfect Micro-Nutrition

We take care of your micro-nutrition by providing you with a set of high quality vitamins and minerals (no fillers). The number one thing our dieters report is how good they feel during their day-to-day lives while following our program.


Your Ideal Protein Certified Coach

You will meet with your coach weekly. The support of a coach and an accountability structure are winning strategies for reaching your goals. At Vital Body we have highly trained Certified Ideal Protein Coaches who ensure your success.


Weekly Videos Right To Your Inbox

You will receive a weekly video for the duration of your weight loss program right to and through your Lifestyle Program in maintenance. They will guide and educate you every step of the way. Along with your coach, the videos give you the knowledge you will need to be successful long-term. Bonus: enjoy program-approved cooking videos!


Rigorous Exercise Is Not Required

We always encourage clients to be active and perform 20-30 minutes of walking, stretching or toning per day as activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, however rigorous exercise is not required for this diet to work.


Preventative & Corrective Focused

We encourage people to take on their weight and health long before major problems start to appear. Our biggest job is to teach you how to create a new Lifestyle in the long run.


Don’t Break The Bank

Many dieting plans can be quite expensive. We are happy to offer our clients a weight loss program that is both effective and affordable. Come in for a Free Consultation and find out how you can get started on the Vital Body Weight Loss Program today.

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The weight loss industry is gimmicky, and we don’t blame the skeptics!

We pride ourselves on being transparent about what we do and how we do it (a simple food solution to a food problem). We never try and convince you of anything. Knowing when is the right time to start your weight loss journey is up to you.

If you have further questions or would like to speak to someone directly, please book a free consultation.

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