Fresh Start

That great feeling of getting back on track.
Dieter Tami on her weight loss journey with Coach Zan.
Do you find yourself in one of these places?
You just had a vacation.
This has never happened to anyone we know, but sometimes people gain weight while on vacations! Nip it in the bud with a little Phase 1. Learning to navigate vacations is a normal part of a weight loss and weight maintenance journey.
Ready for a tune-up.
Feeling clean and lean is always easy on our program. A tune-up is a great way to stay proactive about your body and health, especially since gaining a few pounds a year can be a normal part of our physiology.
Hit your trigger weight?
Remember that promise you made to your coach to book an appointment and to put yourself first before things slip further? Congrats, you stuck to your guns.
Regain and fresh starts.
Life does not always unfold as expected. It’s not about being perfect! Learning to eat right for your body takes time. Sometimes, old habits creep back in. Wherever you are, we are here for you.

A coach is always here for you.

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It's not about being perfect.

Life does not always unfold as expected. It’s not about being perfect; instead we want you to relax about your journey. Learning to eat right for your body takes time. You may have found your lifestyle doesn’t keep you at the forefront, like being too busy or putting others first. As life unfolds, sometimes old habits creep back in and certain circumstances can even trigger emotional eating.

Wherever you are at, we can help you with our proven Weight Loss Program, our proven Lifestyle Program and the support of a dedicated Certified Ideal Protein Coach. Our program is about feeling good in your body and making lasting changes. As you already know, we are 100% here for you to achieve you goals and enjoy your weight loss success.

Returning Dieter Jordan comes back to Vital Body for a tune-up.
Ideal Protein Phases

There is no cost to come back to Vital Body.

There is never any cost to come back to Vital Body. The one time membership fee is only paid once.

The monthy subscription includes your food, supplements and coaching. 

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