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Insulin is the hormone that enables fat to be stored. On our program, this master hormone is temporarily reduced (naturally) to allow the body to access fat cells for energy. This is the core science behind the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. A coach will be happy to explain the science in more detail at your Free Consultation.

Eat Real Whole Foods

You will eat real whole foods in combination with our high quality and delicious protein foods. Your coach will help you plan your week and make sure that you are enjoying your easy-to-follow weight loss plan every step of the way.

Perfect Micro-Nutrition

We take care of your micro-nutrition by providing you with a set of high quality vitamins and minerals (no fillers). The number one thing our dieters report is how good they feel during their day-to-day lives while following our program.

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Vital Body has been the answer to me losing 65lbs! I have never felt better about myself both mentally and physically. The Ideal Protein weight loss program is amazing…you get to eat real food and have coffee. The coaches are the best part. They are there every step of the way always encouraging and very supportive. I still can’t believe I look and feel the way I do. Never thought I could feel this way….ever!
* Results while following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method may vary.
Andrea Picchi

lost 65 lbs with Vital Body

Elan lost 51 lbs at Vital Body

After struggling for more than 5 years to lose weight on my own – only to watch the scale tick upward year after year – I finally decided I needed expert help. Who would have thought that losing 50 pounds could be such an enjoyable experience? Once I found my favourite foods and learned to trust the process and the guidance of my amazing weight loss coach Gina, the rest was effortless. Three months after reaching my goal weight, I’m feeling fit and healthy and enjoying my new lifestyle. I don’t think I could have given myself a greater gift at this stage of my life. 

Elan Bailey

lost 51 lbs with Vital Body

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A Life changing program

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I joined in October 2021, and my experience has been excellent. Kathy is my coach and is in constant communication with me. She answers all of my questions and my weight loss has been steady, and successful! I'm looking forward to completing the program.

R Petkovich January 31, 2022

The coaches at Vita Body are knowledgeable, professional and really care about helping you attain your health goals. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns. I started my journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle in Nov 2021. In less than 3 months I have already lost 30 lbs! The Ideal Protein Program works if you follow their guidance. All the coaches are great but special shout out to my coach Kathy for her expertise and encouragement. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal weight which is not far off... If you're considering trying IP don't wait, call Vital Body today!

Karen Boswell January 27, 2022

I followed the program and successfully lost 25lbs in about 10 weeks . Highly recommended .

erkan esgin January 11, 2022

I love being with Vital Body Weight loss clinic! I was able to loose 20 pounds and keep it off! I am hoping to lose another 10 pounds and I am so extremely happy with this program! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and be healthy!!!

Agatha Kasprzak January 5, 2022

I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life now and was feeling like it was time to give up except that i was just going to be heavy and unhealthy for the rest of my life and but found this place called Vital Body and after researching what they were all about I decided to give weightloss one more try. From the moment I stepped into Vital Body office i felt like this is where I need to be and for the first time ever i felt like i could actually win my weight loss war. The coaches at Vital Body have stood by me the whole time. Beverly who has been my coach now for 2+ years has been amazing and supportive with no judgement. I have had many weight loss battles over the last 20+ years and I can honestly say that vith Beverly and my Vital Body team I am winning this weightloss war. Finally, I am learning that loosing the weight is the easy part and that the hard part is understanding and correcting the why behavior that I have been struggling with for most of my adult life. I never understood this until I found Vital Body and now with my coach Beverly I am learning what changes I need to make and how they will help me have a healthier lifestyle. I am so grateful I didn't give up. If you have struggled with weight and feel like giving up I would strongly recommend you call Vital Body.

Penny Arcand December 17, 2021

I wanted to give you more info about the weight loss and wellness program I have highly benefited from. While I was so frustrated and thought there is no hope for me to loose weight one of my friends introduced Vital Body Loss Center she recommended me Beverly. Beverly, is my coach, she is friendly, passionate, professional and ready to help with all of her heart.I am so happy that she is helping me in this journey. I have lost almost 40 pounds during 4 moths and I will continue to reach my goal. I hope this helps to people like me who wishes to feel more healthy and lighter:)

Mahshid Kiafar December 14, 2021

Vital Body has made losing weight really a 'no brainer' for me. I work 12 hour days, sometimes 6 days a week and have little time left to think about food prep and meals, never mind choices that will help me towards my weight loss goal. Vital Body is, hands down, the easiest program I've ever been involved in. Guaranteed results when you stick to their easy to follow food regime. The weekly personal coaching also helps with tips and tricks to make the whole thing even easier. Thanks Bev! This is what I've always been hoping for.... easy, less time, less thought, more results.

Leslie Cairns November 11, 2021

A great weight loss program that actually works! Ive lost over 41 pounds in the span of 5 months, it is super easy to follow and Coach Beverley is the best! She is super helpful and everyone who works here is so kind, Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in this program!

Brianna Almeida September 23, 2021

I was introduced to Vital Body and Ideal Protein in 2015. At that time I was struggling to reach and sustain my targeted weight. After several months of following the Ideal Protein protocol and with the coaching and support from all at Vital Body, I reached my goal. To this day with continued support from all at Vital Body, including the knowledge and information imparted, I have been able to maintain my ideal weight and make informed choices in regards to my eating habits. Everyone at Vital Body played a part in my success. The coaching, customer service and support, have been and continue to be excellent. I always feel valued as a client with all my concerns and questions addressed, while my achievements celebrated. Vital Body and has been a valuable resource and I feel very fortunate to have found them.

Great weight loss program and coaching. Bev totally rocks! 9 weeks and lost 35 lbs to get to my target. That glass of red wine is getting closer.

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Personal Weight Loss Coaching

Our Certified Ideal Protein Coaches provide the highest level of care and support on your weight loss journey. Your coach will help you reach your weight loss goals and teach you how to maintain your new shape on the Lifestyle Program in maintenance.

Zan Romeder

Zan Romeder

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

Isabelle La Roche

Isabelle La Roche

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

Beverley Rice

Beverley Rice

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

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Vital Body

Vital Body was founded in March 2011 after Zan Romeder lost 50 lbs on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method after having tried many other ways of losing weight.

She joined forces with Amrita Ahuja, and together they began helping a handful of dieters out of a small chiropractic office to provide their weight loss vancouver program.

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Recipes and More!

Resources to help you along your journey!

Chipotle Chile Salmon with Summer Chopped Salad

Salmon is full of great fats and with a salad you are getting a perfect meal. Phase 1 recipe that can easily be modified to phase 2 and 3. Ideal Protein takes you on a lifelong wellness journey.

Cold Rotini Salad on Spinach

This phase 1 recipe is ready in under 20 minutes. Serves 1. Refreshing, filling and easy to make ahead of time.

Beef, Asparagus and Red Pepper Roll Ups

Filling, healthy and phase 1 approved.

Turkey Taco Salad

This phase 1 recipe is ready in under 20 minutes. Serves 1.

Ramen-Style Soup with Pork and Egg

This recipe feeds your soul. Filling, healthy and phase 1 approved.

weight loss recipe from Vital Body in Vancouver

Flank Steak with Snow Peas and Broccoli Recipe

We love this beef and broccoli-inspired Ideal Protein recipe. This carb-free main course is delicious and filling —it’s a must try for anyone on the Ideal Protein protocol.

Phase 1 Ideal Protein Brownie

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Recipe

No matter what phase of Ideal Protein you’re on, you can get your chocolate fix with this decadent chocolate fudge brownie recipe by Janeva.

lose weight vancouver

Orange Rosemary Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Basting these tenderloins with fresh orange and rosemary truly elevates this pork to another level. This recipe is a must-try!

Creole Tomato Soup Phase 1 Ideal Protein

Creole Tomato Soup

This ideal protein recipe is phase one approved. Warm your belly up with this classic.

weight loss recipe from Vital Body in Vancouver

Tuscan-Style Filet Mignon With Grilled Veggies Recipe

If you are on phase 2 or phase 3 and are craving steak, try this Ideal Protein Tuscan-Style Filet Mignon With Grilled Veggies recipe.

Sausage Cauliflower ‘Stuffing’

The rich flavour of the sausage combined with the roasted cauliflower and just the right seasoning perfectly complements a thanksgiving day turkey dinner.

weight loss recipe from Vital Body in Vancouver

Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

If you are a longstanding fan of jalapeño poppers, you are going to love this Ideal Protein recipe. These are vegetarian and make the perfect nutritious snack or lunch.