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Meet our Certified Weight Loss Coaches
“The team at Vital Body supported me beyond my wildest dreams
and encouraged me every step of the way.”
-Eric Andreasen, lost 50lbs with Vital Body


Beverley Rice

Beverley Rice

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

Beverley has a deep understanding of the physiology of the body from having an athletic and physically active lifestyle. When she did the Ideal Protein Protocol at Vital Body, she was impressed by the science and loved that exercise was not the focus of the program despite her very active background.

With the help of Ideal Protein, Beverley lost 2 full sizes after gaining weight slowly over several years from a car accident. She is pleased to be lean again and is back to her active lifestyle practicing martial arts, running, motorcycle riding, doing water sports and even learning archery. She is definitely adventurous!

Beverley has worked as a registered massage therapist for close to a decade and is a certified yoga instructor. Compassion and kindness are Beverley’s life mottos.

“There is a scientific explanation for every single part of this program. It floors me! Educating our clients on the science is a key part of what we do.”
Eimear Power

Eimear Power

Office Manager and Intake Coach

Eimear came to Vancouver in 2016 and hails from Ireland. She has a degree in Sports Science and Nutrition. Eimear is the first person to greet people at their weekly check ins and takes amazing care of their scheduling needs.

Weight loss and wellness has always been an area of importance to Eimear since most of her closer relatives have dealt with obesity-related issues. For this reason, she shares in the vision of long-term health for dieters at Vital Body.

She enjoys running, exploring the restaurant scene and making new friends as she settles into her new community. You’ll surely recognize Eimear by her lovely Irish accent at your first visit to Vital Body!

“I love the look on our dieters’ faces – the look of shear happiness, freedom and relief as they reclaim the body they envisioned for themselves.


Kathy Nowak

Kathy Nowak

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

Born and raised in Burnaby, Kathy spent many years as a Youth Worker for at-risk teens in several alternative school programs throughout the Lower Mainland. She found herself drawn to learning more about how food affects the body, and she became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2003. By providing people with education and guidance, she was able to help people make positive lifestyle changes. 

By combining scientific techniques with old traditions, Kathy is able to help people build and maintain well being. 
Kathy also facilitates nutrition presentations in elementary school classrooms, teaching students about the importance of eating well in a fun and interactive way.  
When Kathy is not coaching you can find her spending time with family and friends, jogging with her dog, gardening, making probiotics, or harvesting fresh produce from her Tower Garden.
“When guiding clients through their weight loss journey, it is amazing to hear the empowering, transforming, health stories and personal successes as they learn new strategies to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.”

Zan Romeder

Zan Romeder

Ideal Protein Certified Coach & Clinic Owner

Zan has a Masters Degree from SFU in Health Care and worked in Leadership Development before co-founding Vital Body with Amrita in 2011. In 2015, Zan was recognized by Chatelaine Magazine and as one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs “Rising Stars”.

Zan lost 50 lbs on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program after trying many other diets with zero success. “Sure I felt great doing more yoga and eating a healthy balanced diet, but I never lost any fat.” She went from a size 14 to a size 6 in 5 months in 2011. “I just love that I exercise for fun now, versus for trying to lose weight. It’s such a sense of freedom and peace to be happy in my body.”

Zan spent many years in the personal development field and brings these learnings to her work at Vital Body. Together, the team works to enhance the coaching they provide dieters by addressing the mental and emotional aspects related to holistic weight loss.

In 2019, Zan launched her podcast and website mibo musings. She had been working with this idea for 3 years and was finally ready to make it live. The site is dedicated to tools and resources that focus on the non food aspects of weight loss. Head on over to explore this fabulous gift that Zan offers to the world at no charge.

When she is not at Vital Body, she is spending time with her family on the Sunshine Coast. She loves cooking and doing yoga and listening to the sounds that nature offers. Zan brings love and plenty of laughter to all that she does.

“May everyone be blessed to feel free as a bird in their body and discover and create a peaceful relationship to their body and food.”


Isabelle La Roche

Isabelle La Roche

Ideal Protein Certified Coach

Isabelle  studied studied tourism management at UQAM University in Montréal, QC.  She worked in the travel, outdoor and recreation industries.  She loves travelling to different countries and learning about different health philosophies and cooking techniques.  She is always learning and recently completed a two year Nutrition Consulting diploma.

For many years, Isabelle had a complicated relationship with food and her body.  Over the years, through education and compassion, she learned new ways to take care of herself and cope. She is also a recovered perfectionist  who values growth and progress as she moves through her journey. She discovered Vital Body in 2019 and took on a lean down program with her husband. She loved that the approach included solid science with tremendous soul. 

A passionate yogi, general wellness enthusiast, growth seeker and world traveler, Isabelle is passionate about inspiring others to discover their own light, make better food choices and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And she makes her own skin care products. 

‘’Weight loss is not about just reaching a goal.  It is about what you learn and who you become in order to achieve that goal.  The most important is growth’’


Gina Miller

Gina Miller

Compassionate Inquiry Guide and Mind Body Integration Work

 Gina is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Artist , Compassionate Inquiry Guide, Faculty Member of Ashton College, and Group Facilitator specializing in Mindfulness & Addictive Behaviours.

For the last twenty years Gina has worked in the helping field in a variety of environments and with diverse populations. She has used Art Therapy as a way to process emotions with people living with HIV and AIDS at The Dr. Peter Centre, and with adults with developmental disabilities for Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living. Gina is a former Weight Loss Coach at Vital Body, having helped people here for five years! Gina’s latter work and lived experience with addiction, led her to work in Addiction Treatment; she works one:one counselling individuals that are wanting to untangle their unhealthy relationships to various coping mechanisms.

It is the combination of Gina’s lived experience, humour and wisdom that make her one:one teachings and group workshops collaborative, inclusive and joyful! Currently Gina is offering one:one sessions through Vital Body that use trauma informed approaches of Compassionate Inquiry and Mindfulness to guide individuals through feelings and beliefs that may be blocking their connection to their bodies and essential nature. These are aimed to release and clear a path to move forward differently in life that feels aligned to your values.

You can expect that Gina will use her humour, heartfulness and skill to hold a kind space for you to explore internal and external experiences in real time with a gentle curiosity.

Visit our online scheduler for her availability.

cropped-favicon.pngVital Body was founded in March 2011 after Zan Romeder lost 50 lbs on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method after having tried many other ways of losing weight. She joined forces with Amrita Ahuja and together they began helping a handful of dieters out of a small chiropractic office. By July 2011, they opened a full-size clinic that is now the largest Ideal Protein Centre in the Lower Mainland. As they grew, so did their team of weight loss coaches and support staff. In May 2015, Zan and Amrita were recognized by Chatelaine and as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs “Rising Stars” for their growth, passion and extraordinary business practices. In February 2016, Vital Body was awarded Top 5 Best Companies by Small Business BC. Up to now, 95% of their dieters have found Vital Body through word-of-mouth – a testament to the success and appreciation of their clients who continue to spread the good news. Vital Body’s mission is to help people lose weight without starving or working out like a maniac, all the while developing a healthy relationship to food.
Authorized Ideal Protein CentreIdeal Protein was founded by Dr. Tran Chan Tien, an award-winning sports medicine specialist from France, and Olivier Benloulou from Gatineau, Quebec. Ideal Protein is a Canadian weight loss company. Today, Ideal Protein is one of the largest weight loss companies in North America and is now available worldwide. There are over 3000 medical practitioners offering this method in their practices today.

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