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The Connection Between Self-Care and Weight Loss

Often, those on their weight loss and wellness journey find themselves derailed when unrealistic, irrational and often damaging thoughts lead to disappointment and, ultimately, abandoning goals. This is where self-care plays an important role.

How To Adopt Healthy Habits To Support Weight Loss

Everything in life is a choice, including weight loss. Change has the potential of bringing an unlimited number of positive effects to your life, if you’re ready for it. Although it isn’t easy, each of us has the power to reset our routines, making the time to be healthy.

How To Set Your Environment Up For Weight Loss Success

Your environment influences your decisions, behaviours, and attitude, and it plays a big role in your ability to reach your weight loss goals. These tips can help you set your environment up for success.

How Your Kitchen Can Help You Lose Weight

When you’re tired and hungry, so often “what you see is what you eat”. What do you see when you open your refrigerator or pantry? Use these tips to help you set your kitchen up for weight loss success.

Self Compassion and Weight Loss

Self-compassion is not just something that makes us healthier, it is also necessary for successful weight management and to maintain healthy habits long-term.

A Guided Meditation For Weight Loss: Upon Waking

Meditation is a wonderful wellness practice, it promotes happiness, taking better care of ourselves, and it is even being shown to positively wire (or re-wire) parts of the brain that help you lose weight. Try this guided meditation to support you on your weight loss journey!

A Guided Meditation For Weight Loss: Before Going to Bed

Meditation has many benefits, plenty of which support those trying to lose weight. The benefits of meditation have been proven to include: overcoming addictions, promoting compassion for yourself, improving your ability to be present while eating, and it helps people sleep better.

Weight Loss Truths

Everyone knows that diet, nutrition, and fitness all play a role in weight loss, but there are a few more truths that should be taken into consideration by those starting, or on, a weight loss program.

8 Ways To Reduce Stress for Weight Loss Success

Stressed, anxious, overcommitted? These feelings can seriously undermine health, wellness, and weight loss. We have become accustomed to accepting chronic stress as a standard and ever present part of life.