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How a Weight Loss Coach Can End Your Struggle

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight on your own and feel like you need the help of a weight loss coach, you’re not alone. Millions of people have found success with the help of a professional coach who understands their individual needs and can tailor a program specifically for them. Let’s explore how to find the right weight loss coach.

The Power of Getting Back on Track

Keeping you as a priority is important. Taking time to be proactive and doing a tune up is a great way to boost your metabolism and feel in control and clear about your food choices.

Learning My Unique Macro Code

by Zan Romeder – weight loss coach since 2011 and owner of Vital Body Weight loss is awesome. But what…

Weight Loss Truths

Everyone knows that diet, nutrition, and fitness all play a role in weight loss, but there are a few more truths that should be taken into consideration by those starting, or on, a weight loss program.

Snacking: How often is too often?

Done right, “smart snacking” can help curb your appetite and provide nutrients your body needs. Done wrong, snacking can cause weight gain because you end up eating more calories than your body needs. Whether you’re in Phase 1 or beyond, you can use your urge to snack to help with weight loss and maintenance goals. Here are some things to be mindful of with regard to snacking.