Tips from George Watson who lost over 100lbs

George Watson guest post. George shares some of his favourite resources and passion for living a fabulous life.

Guest Post from George Watson – Vital Body Client who lost over 100 lbs

Welcome to a short blog post from client George Watson. George is an incredible human who lights up any room. He is responsible for his own happiness, has a beautiful family and operates a successful leadership and organizational coaching business – Reinvention Unlimited.
George took the program in his own hands, he did not love the IP app so he researched and found one that worked for him, he traveled, he planned, he had a personal connection to why making real lifestyle changes was important to him. He relied heavily on the Ideal Protein coach, tools and support at Vital Body while at the same time being clear it’s all up to him to make each choice for himself. He is BUSY, but he found and seeked out solutions because he was 100% committed. Here are his top tips. Always  a good idea to learn from those that have been successful. George is now running, swimming and cycling for the first time in his life. He is enjoying an active lifestyle, great food, and amazing health.

Top 6 Resources For Ideal Protein Success
During Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein protocl at Vital Body I found the most important element to be my mindset. There were many different experiences happening at once when I went through Phase 1 which sent me seeking personal help. In hopes to help other people stay on track I have compiled a list of resources that really helped me.

My Coach
The very first email, call or text was always to my coach. I decided early on to relate to
my coach as my full partner in this program. This means that I wouldn’t relate to them as “help” or as an optional resource but a FULL PARTNER. Sometimes I would email them ten times a day or call. I had to let go of feeling like I was a bother or that I was taking up their time. The reality is that too many participants in the program try to do the whole thing on their own and the coaches rarely get this many calls or contacts from the participants so don’t think it bothers them. On the contrary – the feedback I was getting from my coach is how delighted they were that I was in communication! The best thing about the IP coaches is that they are seeing SO MANY participants on a regular basis
that they can give you perspective. Every time I was in communication with my coach I got an answer right away and my concerns were dissolved!

Portable Pill Case
I found that remembering to take my supplements was difficult when I was so busy all day so I researched and found the most ideal pill case that would keep 2 full days of supplements and would just fit into my pocket. Click on this text to see the product.

Schedule Meals
I had to schedule meals into my calendar. I scheduled it just like an appointment. I had to do this to make sure I was eating regularly because I would get so busy that I would forget and then try to “catch up” which isn’t healthy at all! I would schedule reoccurring appointments every day – even weekends. I would also schedule 2 hours every Sunday to plan my week. I would look at what I have going on and how I would honour my eating schedule. I saw it as investment in my future. I liked the challenges of seeing a couple air plane flights in a day and seeing how I could still stick to the IP program despite the difficult hours. Again, it was a mindset!

Renpho Bluetooth measuring tape
Measuring yourself can be difficult as sometimes you just can’t see the number so I found the best way is to invest in a digital measuring tape. The Renpho measuring tape will do cm and inches and works with their very own app on your mobile device. When you pull out the tape it connects automatically to your smartphone (after it’s set up). Then just measure each area and touch the “save” button on the screen. I then transfer the results to the IP app for my coach to look at. This saves time trying to figure out what the measurement is as well as converting it to digital as it’s already done for you!

The Compound Effect by Darren HardyDarren Hardy explains his concept of “The Compound Effect” in this book which helps keep you on track more than any other mindset tool I’ve encountered. The Compound Effect has to do with us taking small incremental steps towards our goal and shows you how each and every little step matters. This helped when I would be tempted to take an extra tablespoon of sauce or a little taste of wine. I wanted to justify it by saying to myself “It’s just a little bit -it won’t matter!” When of course, it did matter because it would’ve never been a little bit – those little cheats turn into unsupportive habits which derail your progress. For a 7 minute video of The Compound Effect’s summary click on this text.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
This concept has the power to completely change your life and business. Mel argues that from the time you have a brilliant idea until it vanishes is about 5 seconds. The time to take action is when you have an idea is when the idea happens to you. Not that you have to completely take the action right now – but do something to keep it in existence! Write it down in a list, make a phone call. Trick your mind by saying “5-4-3-2-1” then taking action right away! To view a great video interview with Mel click on this text.

Other books George loves.

You Can’t Hurt Me (Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds), By: David Goggins
Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence, By: Charlmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar
Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth, By: Dr. Brad Blanton

And lastly I just LOVE that George made this point clear to me. George lost 130 lbs in 12 months utilizing the Ideal Protein protocol at Vital Body but what he is most proud of is being happily married to his wife Laurene for 30 years and raising 3 functional adult children: Jonathan, Ashley and Stephanie.

Thank you George!

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  • Nadeen Gibson
    October 2, 2020 6:32 am

    Way to go George!!!! You look awesome, so proud of you.

  • What an impressive amount of insight George! The tips you’re sharing here are wonderfully specific, uniquely personal and oh so practical.

    Congratulations on your achievements – I know they’ve only just begun! Thank you for your generous heart, curiosity and commitment.

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