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What You Need To Know About Sugar

Let’s talk about sugar and its effect on weight loss. It’s becoming more well known that sugar is addictive, but there isn’t too much information out there about what to do about it..

Weight Loss Tips

Five Ways to Fight Sweets Cravings

It’s normal to crave something sweet now and then—humans are hardwired to seek sweet tastes. You
might be fighting more sweet cravings than normal right now, because of the stress related to the events
and uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Weight Loss Tips

Is your body always craving carbs or sugar?

Higher-sugar, higher-glycemic foods are addictive in the same way as cocaine and heroin. In the vast majority of cases, certain types of food -processed foods made of sugar, fat, and salt combined in ways kept secret by the food industry- are addictive, and we are biologically wired to crave these foods and eat as much of them as possible. It’s no wonder so many people feel trapped!


Holiday Recipes with Em

Seasonal ideas to make it extra special and healthy. Mocktails, dips, treats, and a great chat with Em about taking care of yourself and enjoying delicious food.