When is the right time to be on a diet?

Weight loss season is upon us.

When is the right time to diet?

In the weight loss industry, there tends to be a rise in number of people dieting in September. It correlates with the return of ROUTINE: summer vacation is over and it’s back to a regular schedule, school is starting and the kids are back to their scheduled activities and there is generally less spontaneity and more predictable routine.

We like this time of year. We like the change of pace and the change of season. It’s a time to enjoy the comforts of the home more again, plan meals, and enjoy the every day plan.

When is a good time to be losing weight? Well, it’s never perfect timing. It requires putting YOU first and making a change. Life doesn’t just stop and say “okay, I think now is an ideal time for you to do this, go!”. We do know that there are better circumstances than others, but even these are subjective. Many-a-time, we’ve coaches dieters who were dealing with very extreme circumstances (caring for an elderly relative, job change, traveling to remote areas) and felt the structure of the diet was beneficial to them. But if we look at the general trends, September is a good time for weight loss and a good time for YOU. No doubt!

We congratulate those of you who stayed on track during the summer months! And we welcome those new and returning dieters for a wonderful season of feeling good, shedding those unwanted pounds healthily and easily. There are also those of you coming in or returning for your regular maintenance check ins, and those of you ready for a tune-up…welcome.

What a blessing we have an amazing program that always works!
Happy summer dwindling,
Amrita & Zan 
Vital Body Weight Loss Centre

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