Sunday Explorations – Cravings! July 24th 7:30pm

Sunday Explorations are part of the Beyond Phase 1 series where we look at weight loss and wellness from a variety of perspectives beyond what to eat.

Cravings – our theme for July

This month we will take a deep dive into Cravings. It’s a huge topic. Cravings are really worth exploring as they can help you understand yourself, your body and help you learn how to nurture yourself in new ways. For many people we view cravings as a negative, we often crave things that we think we should not eat. This creates tension, in that you have a craving and you are telling yourself you should not eat what you are craving. So the body is asking for one thing and the brain is saying something else. When we are not in alignment body and mind it creates tension that needs to be resolved.

Questions worth exploring:

  • Is my craving emotional or physical?
  • Is my craving related to stress?
  • Is my craving connected to nutrition? On the Ideal Protein Protocol you know your body is nourished and getting all it needs. But one must be honest. Am I following the protocol? It’s okay to not be perfect. But you then want to know that deviating from the protocol can lead to nutritional deficiencies and then a craving is your body trying to tell you something.
  • What are my beliefs about food and cravings? Many people feel at war with themselves and wish they did not have cravings.
  • What are my options? There are tips but often a tip can hide/mask the real issue. Taking a pause to tune in, listen in and see what is really going on is the key to finding your own unique answers.

Be curious and open. That is what we do together at Sunday Explorations.


Sunday Explorations are part of the Beyond Phase 1 series where we look at weight loss and wellness from a variety of perspectives beyond what to eat. Sessions include guided mindfulness, reflection, deepening our connection to the amazing intelligence of our body, exploring what we struggle with in a new light, understanding why we do the opposite of what we want to do and much more. Loving kindness is the mantra and foundation. Offered by Zan in partnership with Gina Miller from, one Sunday per month.

Registration is required and is $10 per exploration. Open to all.

About Zan – Zan started coaching at age 20 and has been exploring personal growth, meditation, yoga and how to live with grace and ease pretty much every day for the last 30 years. She has been a weight loss coach for 12 years and has developed a keen understanding and awareness of why people struggle so much with weight loss.

These sessions will be light yet have depth. If you are willing to look beyond what to eat as part of your weight loss journey this is for you. Nothing to prepare, come as you are, bring your self compassion, struggles and an open mind.

Short video about Sunday Explorations – click here.

A zoom link will be sent to you when you register.

Date: Sunday July 24th 2022

Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm PST

Where: Zoom (choose a quiet comfortable place)

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