We are so proud to have become an award winning weight loss company and to receive the Rising Star Award from Chatelaine and Profitguide.com.

We have grown from 2 clients in March 2011 to over 120 per week in 2015. Over 25,000 pounds have been lost since we opened. They say we are “people to watch out for” and that has a good ring to it!

As many of you know we the largest Authorized Ideal Protein Centre in Western Canada and we are one of just a few that only offer weight loss and weight maintenance. Many businesses offer Ideal Protein as an add on to other services they offer but we wanted to have a very focused business model. This has allowed us to put all our efforts and resources into helping clients lose weight and then learn how to keep it off. It’s also totally connected to what we are passionate about: people loving their bodies and their lives. Although many business coaches suggest diversifying or having add ons, we have found that our success has come from staying focused and doing one thing really well. This may be why people travel from all over the Lower Mainland to come see us at Boundary and Hastings.

As we filled out the application for the Rising Star award, we began to realize all the great things about Vital Body besides clients loving the program and the results. We have flexible hours for our staff, we have excellent wellness policies, we support personal development and a good work/life balance. We all stop to eat lunch or dinner together every day, no skipping meals for VB staff. We practice what we preach. We have clients that love us and are always looking to help us grow and spread the good word about our clinic. Our clients also take time to give us excellent feedback, ideas, recipes and they let us know how we can improve. This is truly a blessing for a business: having clients willing to take the time to share their thoughts about our business with us.

As part of receiving this award, Profit Guide and Chatelaine looked at some of our best business practices, like “Project Simplify” which involved reviewing every nook and cranny of our business to ensure it was being done as efficiently and simply as possible. It meant taking the time to reflect and to see if what we are doing makes sense and is being done in the best way possible to truly serve our clients.

What is the secret to our success? What makes us an award winning weight loss company?

  1. We have a truly amazing weight loss program from Ideal Protein.
  2. We love what we do and we value doing it really really well.
  3. Fabulous customer service is the norm for all of us at Vital Body.
  4. Our clients have solid success on the program and they let their friends and family know about us.
  5. We have a great balance of human resources and technology.

We are blessed to love what we do and to have such inspiring clients. Let us know what you love about us or how we can improve! Thanks again to Profit Guide and Chatelaine for this amazing recognition. We are now an award winning weight loss company!