5 years of the best weight loss in Vancouver!

Celebrating 5 years of the best weight loss in Vancouver

They say that making it to year 5 in business is a big deal – it means you are here to stay. We sure think we are here to stay as we think about the 500+ people on their weight loss journey that we have helped since opening our doors in 2011 in the Burnaby Heights. And we are looking forward to celebrating 5 years of the best weight loss in Vancouver!

We have learned a lot as a small business. Our journey has also been amazing.

We recently spoke to a panel of small business judges in our nomination to become the Best Company in BC (we made it to the Top 5 Best Companies in BC earlier this year). It was easy to talk about something we are so passionate: small business, health and people living full out. That is what our business is founded on and we love having a unique business model that got us recognized province-wide making us an award-winning weight loss company.

As we reflect on the past 5 years, from our little “side-project” that today serves 100+ people per week in our beautiful clinic at Hastings and Boundary Road, we find ourselves grateful for our clients who have trusted us with their weight loss journeys. They are the reason we even exist. We are also infinitely grateful for our amazing team of coaches and administrators who run Vital Body as if it was their own.

If you would like to know more about our weight loss program, we recommend calling us at 778-383-7578 or booking a free consultation to meet with a coach and determine if our program is a fit for you.

We look forward to the next 5 years of helping feel good in their bodies. Happy 5th birthday Vital Body, we love you!

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