Yes, it’s true. Fruit can block weight loss.

To lose weight reliably, naturally reducing insulin is the key!

Healthy weight loss means that you are losing fat and not muscle. Your percent body fat should be decreasing and your muscle mass should stay as is. You do not want to be losing muscle. When you deprive your body of glucose (found in fruit and other carbs) it will turn to breaking down fat for energy. The body will also turn to muscle but if you keep replenishing the body with protein your muscle will be protected. There is an exact protocol designed by Ideal Protein that ensures that dieters have a healthy weight loss program.

So what about FRUIT? How does an apple block weight loss? Well you may be eating healthy and that’s great. But a balanced diet is just that, BALANCED. You should not be gaining or losing. When you have fruit the body receives a healthy source of sugar and therefore does NOT need to burn fat to get glucose. Even if you eat less, if you eat the wrong foods like fruit, you will end up feeling hungry and your body won’t go after your fat reserves. This is why so many people don’t feel great when they are “dieting”. They are not eating the right foods or the right proportions to be in fat burning mode.

The other key is insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is produced when any sugar of carb is being digested. When insulin is present in the body, the body will not go after fat cells. When insulin is decreased, glucagon becomes present enabling the body to unlock the fat cells.

Now that being said. FRUIT is fantastic and delicious. We highly recommend it as part of a balanced diet. BUT if you want to lose weight you want to be in 24/7 fat burning and fruit is no longer your friend for this.

On our program you follow a very specific program that ensures your body must use it’s own fat reserves for energy/glucose. This means you lose weight (fat) every day. And it means you have energy and don’t feel hungry. Want to learn more? Book a FREE Consultation.