If you were at all exposed to the 1980s “fat-free” movement, you might still be in awe people who reach for the full-fat greek yogurt in the grocery store. We were told repeatedly that fats, any and all fats, were bad for us and that in fact, they made us fat.

When you strip the fat from a whole food, you are also stripping good nutrition. Guess what else happens? The food now tastes horrible, so the manufacturers add sugar to compensate for taste. More and more today, we are starting to understand that good fats are an essential, important part of eating balanced and maintaining weight. Even in the case of our weight loss program, healthy oils are a mandatory part of the process. Remember to include good oils and fatty foods like avocado and fish as a part of your diet. We also highly recommend Udo’s Oil as a part of your everyday diet. It’s a live, raw, fresh, vegetarian, high quality Omega 3.6.9. oil that helps make buttery, nutty salad dressings! Most local health food stores will carry it. Enjoy!