New maintenance food journal makes things even easier for tracking your day-to-day eating.

At last, we have the missing piece to our already incredible maintenance program! A food journal specifically designed for our maintenance plan that follows 3 major principles: the separation of carbs and fats, the mandatory Pleasure Day and the Clean Day. Among these, we focus on upkeep of water intake, veggies and protein as the foundation of your food, sufficient sleep (many underestimate the power of restful sleep and the effect this has on maintaining weight), good frequent snacking, and more. The notion of pleasure is always at the root of our coaching!

We are excited to offer this new tool (free of course) to our people in maintenance. If you haven’t already, come by and pick up your free copy today!

Useful tips:

1. If you are not coming in for regular check ins (because we’ve set you free!) and you feel your weight creeping up slightly, track your food for 4-7days. You’ll know pretty quick what’s missing. And if you can’t figure it out, book a check in and bring in your food journal to your coach!

2. Planning! The number one tool for maintaining your weight. This new maintenance food journal has an entire section dedicated to pre-planning your week ahead.

3. Bring awareness to your food consumption. See this new tool for it’s definitions on “minor” and “major” slip ups: the first being described as “mindful” and the later as “careless”.

At Vital Body, our mission is to have people lose the weight and then maintain it for life! Our one year maintenance program is offered totally free to our dieters who have completed the weight loss phase. Note: completing the weight loss phase does not mean a dieter has to reach a specific goal, as is the case with many other weight loss programs. We believe you are the best judge of your own body and only you will know what your true weight loss goal should be. Some people know what their goal is when they start, other people figure it out along the way. A healthy indication of a good weight loss goal sometimes includes considering the percent body fat – this is a true indication of what is happening on the inside of your body. Our coaches provide our dieters with their percent body fat every week on the program so they can track their progress. We use a body composition analyzer to measure the percent body fat in very accurate measures.