The importance of snacking.

3 meals & 3 snacks a day is our recommendation.

Insulin! It has 2 roles: manages your blood sugars AND stores fat. It’s important to keep insulin ticking in the right way. 3 meals and 3 snacks per day keeps insulin spiking evenly throughout the day. No hunger attacks! Most of all, it’s important not to skip meals. Skipping meals is a great way to gain weight.

Healthy snacking is an essential way to sustain your energy levels, reduce insulin spiking, minimize over-eating at meal time, and helps with getting micro-nutrients in your body.


Problems with Snacking

  • Vending machines don’t dispense the right snacks. I doubt this is news to you!
  • Snacks do not replace meals. You can’t skip lunch and then have a snack.
  • You need to prepare your own snacks for the most part.
  • There are constant snacking opportunities – coffee break, afternoon break, appetizers at social events, evening snacking. You must snack consciously.



  • Salted Edamame Beans
  • One piece of fruit
  • Or an apple with a little almond or peanut butter
  • 10-12 almonds or your favourite nut. Careful to not overdose on nuts!
  • Hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs
  • Carrots, celery or cucs with humus
  • Fresh Spring Roll (not deep fried)
  • Smoothie (with hemp hearts or a another protein source)
  • Green Shake
  • Good quality, hard cheese (3oz is a good serving size)
  • Avocado on a rice cracker
  • Tuna on cucumber slices
  • Salsa on endives
  • Chia Seed Pudding
  • A good quality protein bar (many available at VB)



  • You are looking for nutrient dense, whole and unprocessed foods.
  • Avoid sugar and white flour – yes that rules out muffins, cookies, cakes!
  • The majority of your snacking should be protein rich foods.
  • As usual, make sure your cupboards are stocked up with good options.
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