For some reason, people insist on believing (hoping) that exercising and eating well and/or less will have them lose weight. For most people this does not work, and if it does they feel awful and lose more lean mass than fat mass.


Myth Buster: Exercising, including yoga, does not cause weight loss.

QUESTION: Have you been exercising regularly with ZERO weight loss RESULTS?


This is SO common. Yes, exercise is always good for you. But most people do not see weight loss results from boot-camp, doing weights or cardio. “I have been going to the gym for a year now, working my butt off (literally). I feel great and stronger but I’ve not LOST A POUND,”said someone at a consultation recently. Even if you are eating really healthy, you might still not see any weight loss. Why is this?


ANSWER: With today’s diet and food options, most people are eating way too much sugar. It leads the pancreas to over-secrete insulin and the cells lose their ability to respond to insulin production correctly (hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance). This can happen from too much white sugar, carbs, pop and guess what else? FRUIT! It creates a cycle where your body is producing too much insulin: insulin regulates your blood sugar levels but it is also heavily involved in fat storage. Until you reset your pancreas and give your body an insulin break, you won’t be able to lose any weight.


There is an exact science for eating in a way that has your body burn fat and makes losing weight easy. “I can’t believe how easy this diet is!” said Sara E, a VB dieter today. We hear this every day at the clinic.


People continue to hope that exercise will have them lose weight. If it has not worked for you so far, you need a new plan. One that makes sense and works.


PS – We see people signing up for yoga left, right and centre, but really they are signing up for weight loss. From what we see, it rarely works. It’s a false hope. Yoga memberships are great, but not for weight loss. Weight maintenance, yes. Health, yes. Feeling awesome, yes. But not for weight loss.


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