Make the best weight loss program even better.

Optimize the best weight loss program and get bonus results for your health.

Optimize the best weight loss program and get bonus results for your health.

Being on the best weight loss program available today is already giving your body an amazing internal cleanse (for those of you who don’t know this program this may sound arrogant, but it’s true!). You’ve already eliminated many of the foods that are acidic like processed foods, sugars, alcohol and dairy (though not forever!).  For most people, this diet is an increase of water, green veggies and good protein which the body loves.

Here’s what to do to optimize the best weight loss program and make it even better.

#1 Worried about loose skin? – Collagen, introduce anytime during your program, the sooner the better!Drum roll please… Introducing our collagen.Some of you may be concerned about loose skin as you lose the excess weight. There are some things only surgery can resolve – that’s okay. But if you would like to help your body in any way you can, preserve the elasticity of your skin as you lose the fat, we have a collagen (topical collagen is different, this is ingested!). You take 2 tbsp per day in water and guess what, it’s delicious. We get rave reviews about the collagen and 100% of the people who try it, enjoy it. We don’t make wild claims! Making a healthy physical transformation requires doing more than one thing. There is nothing magical. It’s about doing the daily work to be well on the inside and out and not relying on one thing or product. Water, walking, down time, water, and keeping things simple and easy. We work hard to have science behind everything we do and a human touch. Reach out with any questions, we are here for you.


#2 Get the most nutrients from your food – Digestive Enzymes, introduce as early as week 2 or in stabilization phase. Most of us do not naturally produce enough enzymes in our bodies to get the most out of the food we eat. Digestive Enzymes support the body’s digestive system by facilitating the breakdown of large macromolecules into smaller ones so your body can better assimilate these nutrients.

If you are someone that experiences any bloating (most likely before the diet) or have had reactions to certain foods, you are in luck. Digestive enzymes help with all this.

#3 Adding a probiotic supplement is a great way to promote a healthy digestive system, strengthen your immune system and burn more fat. 

Probiotics support weight loss, help to increase nutrient absorption, reduce constipation, and boost the immune system by bringing beneficial bacteria to flourish in the body, while hindering the growth of harmful microorganisms. The importance of gut health simply cannot be overstated!

Since more than 70% of our immune system resides in our gut, improving the health of bacteria in your intestinal system is an important step toward better health.

It is important to have a variety. We carry different types of probiotics so that your body can get a variety of probiotic strains, there a millions!


#4 Help your cells breathe – Antioxidants, introduce after week 2 and keep as a part of your supplement regime for life. There are too many ways to explain how antioxidants can help your entire body. Here are just a few key therapeutic characteristics:

  • Activates blood circulations.
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Glycation inhibitor – prevents premature aging
  • Plays an important role in controlling the level of blood sugar.

NOTE: excess fat on the body is usually coupled with inflammation to the cells and out of control levels of blood sugars. This is why an antioxidant is highly recommended on the program – we want to help the body heal these conditions as much as possible. The diet is already playing a huge role in this! Congrats.

Don’t forget, your coach can recommend where to start. Talk to her/him about the best way for you to optimize if you are not sure. They know this program like the back of their hand and they know you!

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  • Nancy McRitchie
    April 6, 2017 3:07 pm

    It would be good to know what is in the anti oxidents. Also, is there any data on the effectiveness of the collagen? thanks,

    • There are a number of different types of antioxidants available. Of course being happy, fresh air, and eating whole foods are great sources! But sometimes we want the extra boost especially when you are losing weight to ensure you are detoxing at the same time. The one we carry provides: 100 mg Green Tea Leaf Extract, 75 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 50 mg Turmeric Root Extract, 50 mg Bilberry Fruit
      Extract, 25 mg Bilberry Fruit Extract, 15 mg Grape Seed Extract, 2.5 mg Lycopene per capsule.
      Collagen – there is so much research on collagen out there! You find collagen in face cream, hair and nail and bone strengtheners and of course quality of the collagen and how the body can absorb it, is to be considered as well. We carry the liquid form as it’s designed to be easily available to the body. It tastes great and many clients see results right away (skin feeling more firm). That being said there’s no secret potion that fixes sagging skin – we view this as extra help as you take on your health and vitality. Hope this helps!

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