A Skeptics Journey on the Ideal Protein Diet by owner Zan Romeder

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I had all the right reasons for not starting the Ideal Protein Diet but I did it anyway and I’m so glad I did.


“Yes, I know the science is all there,” I thought to myself. “After all, it does makes sense to me. But there’s gotta be a catch!”
“The catch”, as I soon discovered, is that you must follow the protocol exactly for it to work and then it works like clockwork. Despite understanding the science that made the Ideal Protein diet a safe and healthy way to lose weight, I still thought “this is so strict and crazy, who would want to eat like that?”.

But my strong hope to lose the stubborn weight I’d slowly gained over the last 10 years kept me searching for more. As I did my research, here’s what I finally understood, the light bulb moment: it’s a DIET. It’s a diet and diets have a beginning and an end. It’s not how you should eat forever, it’s only how you should eat to lose weight, specifically FAT. “Ah!” I sighed with elation and relief because I’d finally gotten over all my inner resistance about doing a diet. I later discovered while doing the Ideal Protein Diet that it’s an easy diet to follow, especially when you see 2-4 lbs of fat disappearing from your body each week. It’s actually even fun. More on this later.

In the meantime, I know many of you can probably relate to all the reasons I had for not doing the diet. I chased my own tail for over a year and watched as the inner skeptic took hold each time. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and let my inner guide see the logic of what diets can provide (diets that are well designed and based on good solid science of course).

Reasons I had for not doing the diet:

“I make all my own food. I am a lifestyle person. I don’t buy packaged food!” – True indeed but the real truth is I did buy some packaged food – chocolate, good chocolate and lots of it. I did make most of my own food but I was not losing any weight and was actually gaining. I figured I can lose the weight and then revisit my lifestyle plan. What have I got to lose? The lifestyle changes I had made were great but they had no impact on my weight loss goals.
“I am a smart person. I can figure this out on my own.” – Smart yes. But I had no evidence or success to show for my efforts. Why keep going on and on about being able to lose weight on my own when after years I was not successful?  A little letting go of my ego and I was free and open to trying something new.
“How embarrassing to be on a DIET.” – Choose – embarrassed and uncomfortable in my clothing or be on a diet and successfully lose weight? Actually not a very hard decision to make.
“I’ve read so many books. Why can’t eating a bit less and exercising more do the trick?” – A moment of truth. I eat healthy for the most part. AND I eat a lot of carbs and a lot of sugar. So the Ideal Protein diet is about an unbalanced diet during the weight loss phase. This was going against all my beliefs! Maybe I should get interested, curious and be open? There’s a lot of success stories and I could be one of them.


The final decision.

I forgot an important part of the story. This had all begun with my friend Angela who had gone from 38% body fat down to 22%. And here’s the kicker: she kept the weight off. I had nothing to lose besides my own scepticism (and FAT!). So after a full year of listening to Angela’s stories about how enjoyable her diet plan was and how great she was feeling, I started the diet. The first 5 lbs came off in the first week and it still seemed like nothing with 40 lbs more to lose. But then one month in, I was already one size smaller and feeling fabulous. I was converted!


Advice for skeptics.

The truth is you will most likely have to take a leap of faith if you know you are a skeptic. Remember, you really have nothing to lose. The Ideal Protein Program is a truly healthy, scientifically designed program for losing weight so you won’t be harming your body (unlike other sketchy diets out there). Give yourself two weeks, I doubt you will look back.

Here’s some offerings for when you take that leap of faith:

  • Once on the program, it’s one day at a time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey.
  • Clear some calendar space for grocery shopping and meal times and time to find your groove.
  • Weight loss will happen on the program inevitably (it’s science), so focus on celebrating each step of the way.

If you are in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, British Columbia, you are welcome to come in for a free consultation to find out more about our program and to meet with a coach. You can book online here: vitalbody.ca/free-consultation.

I hope my story helps you take a leap of faith and embark on a journey that will forever change your life.
In gratitude to the Ideal Protein Diet,
Signature Zan Romeder

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