Different weight loss available at VB.

“I’m so happy I found this place.” – Brad H, lost 60 lbs.

Many of our dieters have tried other diets, some that have worked, some that haven’t. Here are the Top 10 things we hear around VB:

  1. I can’t believe I’m not hungry.
  2. I love the foods, aka I love my Wafer. Or I love my Crisps. Or I love my Chocolate Drink.
  3. I can’t wait for my weekly check in.
  4. I took my coaches advice and it worked. The support is awesome.
  5. Wow, is that really me? (happens every time we take a milestone picture!)
  6. I know so much more about my body now.
  7. I know how to maintain my weight now. I never thought I could.
  8. VB doesn’t feel like a diet clinic at all. It feels like a place I go to be inspired.
  9. Seriously? I can come in FREE of charge for life in maintenance? YES.
  10. I fit into my favourite jeans again!

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