Learn all about Vital Body in this short video from the owners.

Amrita: Hi. I’m Amrita and this is Zan, and we’re the owners of Vital Body Weight Loss Centre. Centrally located at Hastings and Boundary Road. We started in 2011 and today we see over 120 people a week on our amazing weight loss program.

Zan: And it all began because I had 50 pounds to lose and I couldn’t do it. I was frustrated, I spent a lot of money, lots of energy, and I just was not getting what I wanted.

Amrita: And you tried lots of things.

Zan: I tried a lot of things. Thankfully, my dear friend called me and said she’d discovered this fabulous program. I looked into it and it was a really solid program. Everything about it made total sense. I tried it, it worked, and here we are.

Amrita: Here’s the deal with our weight loss program. It’s science and it’s replicable. Anyone that gets on the program and follows it will get the results that they came for and they’ll feel good doing it.

Zan: You know, people ask us, “How do you know that the weight’s gonna stay off?” Well, it’s pretty straightforward, if you go back to doing what you were doing, you probably will gain the weight. We’re really straight and honest about that, but we offer a 12-month lifestyle changing maintenance program. It’s a lot of fun. You meet with your coach, you build your confidence, you develop your lifestyle habits. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen.

Amrita: Yes, we want you to have the results you came for, and have the long-term success with us.

Zan: So, if you’re ready? Book a free consult, find out more, and, we’ll see you soon.

Amrita: See you soon.

Come in to Vital Body and meet with a Certified Weight Loss Coach one-on-one who will show you how our program works.

Top 5 reasons people succeed with Vital Body

  1. Feeling good on Vital Body’s weight loss program is expected. That’s right, we expect you to feel physically and mentally great on our diet. There is absolutely no starvation, deprivation, hardcore bootcamp or punishment from our coaches at Vital Body.
  2. You will lose weight every week. This means you don’t need motivating pep talks from us. The results will motivate you every week and you will be happy to be getting real weight loss results.
  3. Our coaches truly care about you and your story. It doesn’t mean that they give into your excuses but it does mean they are compassionate and will help you find solutions to keep your diet front and centre in the face of your busy life.
  4. The food taste more than good. Our program requires you to do half of your own cooking and food prep and the other half is done with our amazing foods. If you’ve done another diet before, you will totally understand how important this is. We have over 60 foods that will blow your socks off.
  5. Affordability is key. We know we know, you have a lot of expenses in your daily life. Here’s the neat thing, our program will cost you $500 per month but it gets rid of half your grocery budget (because our foods will cover that cost) and there are no more $10 sandwiches from Starbucks or expensive beer tabs (no alcohol allowed on program). So doing our weight loss program actually ends up saving our dieters money! Not to mention…isn’t it time to invest in YOU and your health?
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