Will this program solve your weight loss issues for good?

Great question!

Many people ask us if our diet program can solve their weight loss issues for good. Though we are certain our program has the clear potential for helping you resolve your weight issues permanently, we are not going to try and convince you or “rah-rah” you into thinking that we have the magic answer at Vital Body. Like any program, ours requires making a commitment to yourself for the long-term.

Things to think about as you do your research. Here is some food for thought as you research what is right for you.The Ideal Protein program is a PROTOCOL. You’ve likely heard of it as a “weight loss program”, but it’s actually a protocol with 4 phases. It looks like this:

Phase 1 is all about weight loss, phases 2 and 3 are pre-stabilization phases as you reintroduce certain foods and phase 4 is a LIFESTYLE phase that lasts a minimum of 12 months. The last phase is when you learn to keep the weight off and we know that building a new lifestyle is the most important phase for long-term success.
Does Phase 1, the weight loss phase, work? Yes. It always does.

Will you be hungry on Phase 1? No.

Will you feel good on Phase 1? Yes.

Is it an easy program?

Simple but not necessarily easy. Some people find it amazingly easy, others find it takes time to get in the groove. The ease of the weight loss phase depends on several factors. Here are the key questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you already have vegetable recipes you like?
  • What are your current eating habits?
  • How is your mind set? Is it self loathing or self loving?,
  • What is your schedule like?
  • Do you have the support you need from those in your life?

Of the hundreds of people we have helped on their weight loss program, the average “easiness” experienced on our program is an 8 out of 10. It’s easy as heck if you are willing to follow a great food plan and you have the time and the mindset to give it your attention.

Most commonly asked questions from people like you.

Here are the most commonly asked questions from people just like you who come in and meet with a coach at a free consultation to find out more about what we do.

Will I have cravings?

Less than you’d expect and for many none. Our foods are so delicious and because you are not hungry on the program you don’t have hunger cravings. Hunger is not a part of our weight loss program. We know that is not something you expect as most diets do encourage being hungry! However, some people that have more weight to lose (and therefore will be on the program for a longer time) may experience emotional food cravings. If the cravings don’t pass (which they mostly do), we have various recommendations for this. It never works to ignore your body signals!

Will I be able to keep the weight off?

Now that’s a great question. If you have lost and gained before it’s THE question. Phase 1 is a food solution that causes weight loss. Keeping it off is a two part game: part food and part mind set which includes lifestyle choices and commitment. It takes time to change habits. It takes time to make true lifestyle choices that serve your well being. Included in our program at Vital Body is a 12 month Phase 4 program that teaches you how to keep the weight off. Only 50% complete this program and many don’t even start it. Why is that? Because dieting is easier than committing to learning new habits and making balanced lifestyle choices. Yes you can keep the weight off, yes we support you and yes we have a solid program that WORKS. Are you ready to commit to that program?

When does the Phase 4 (maintenance) program end?

Ha! When do you stop eating!? All jokes aside, you will assess where you are at with your coach along the way and certainly when you have done the full 12 month program. We look for healthy eating, balanced food choices, enjoying all foods guilt free and in moderation, trusting your body and trusting yourself. It’s complete when maintaining your weight is a natural reflex for you. It’s a very exciting process! When you are at that place you may come in once or twice a year for the structure of consulting and tweaking your lifestyle with your coach.

Do you offer counselling?

No. Our coaches are highly trained to administer the Ideal Protein Protocol. They are compassionate, insightful and understanding. They ask great questions to help you find your own answers. In some cases, clients can see that addressing issues connected to food, their body, and old habits will require other types of support like books, counselling, courses, podcasts or overeaters anonymous. We are strong believers in developing all areas of your life to have your long-term success.

Will I be happy when I reach my goal weight?

(Clients don’t ask us this out-right, but we know they are asking themselves the question.)
Only if you are happy now. It’s like the idea of winning the lottery. We all think it would solve many problems, but would it? Being thinner does not fix your spouse, does not make your job amazing, does not fix your sex life, does not change much really besides the number on the scale and what size clothes you can buy. Definitely feeling more energy, feeling healthier, feeling great in your clothes are amazing feelings but you can have that now, at any weight. For many clients the weight loss and wellness journey includes accessing their own inner happiness. Some have done this before and finding us and the diet is an amazing solution that serves them. Others realize this as they lose the weight and see how fundamentally it’s not changing things they thought it would. Our approach is to always help you find your OWN answers and to not rely on your circumstances to dictate how you feel. Easier said then done we know. But it’s well worth it.

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