Many people rely on the Internet for information on losing weight. There’s so much information on weight loss out there that it’s easy to get confused. Let’s try to separate fact from fiction when it comes to successful weight loss. Following are some of the more common weight loss myths that can ultimately affect your weight loss journey.

Myth #1: All calories are equal.
Actually, not all calories are the same. For example, calories from whole foods, like vegetables, can be much more filling and nutritious than calories from refined foods, such as candy. When it comes to managing your weight, you want the biggest bang for your caloric buck. Ideal Protein foods are formulated to meet your nutritional needs while also keeping you feeling full and satisfied as long as possible, rather than scrounging for a snack a half an hour after eating a meal! 

Myth #2: Exercise alone produces weight loss.
Exercise is an important part of weight loss, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight without paying attention to your diet. Although exercise promotes well-being, fitness and overall health, nutrition plays a much larger role in weight loss. As the saying goes, you can’t “out exercise” a bad diet.

During your weight loss phase, your primary focus will be what you eat and how much you eat. As you progress, you may want to add some gentle movement, like walking or certain yoga poses, for health benefits and stress relief. Talk to your Ideal Protein Coach and/or your doctor about what is right for you.

Myth #3: Fat makes you fatter.
This is an outdated myth from the 1980s. During the era of the low fat craze, food companies removed fat from snack products and put in loads of sugar to compensate for the lack of flavor from the missing fat. In fact, foods with healthy fats, like olive oil, can help you stay satisfied longer while sugar, on the other hand, spikes insulin levels, making us hungrier and causing a craving for more sugary, calorie-laden starches.

Myth #4: Carbs are your enemy.
This one is pervasive—and wrong. The truth is not all carbs are unhealthy. Refined carbs, such as processed foods that are high in sugar and refined grains, are definitely unhealthy and linked to weight gain. However, fiber-rich whole foods, like vegetables, are high in carbs but very healthy—and are an important source of energy for your body. 

It’s true, however, that during phase 1 of the Ideal Protein Protocol you will limit your carbohydrate intake for best results. Our Protocol is carefully designed to help your body switch from primarily burning sugar to burning fat, and our products are formulated to help keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. Your Ideal Protein Coach will be able to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have during your weekly check-in.

Myth #5: Snacking is a bad idea.
The idea that you shouldn’t eat between meals is a myth. In fact, having a healthy, nutritious snack between meals might help you eat less or keep you from binging later. Snacks are a daily part of our Protocol, and we have many tasty products to choose from, including both salty and sweet options that will help keep you full until your next meal. 

Myth #6: As long as you count calories, it doesn’t matter what you eat.
Actually, what you eat does matter. Eating a healthy mix of quality foods and limiting sugary and highly processed foods will help keep you satisfied and promote good health.

There is no shortcut to weight loss. Navigating through all the information can be daunting- but once you know the facts – you are ready to make decisions to support healthy and lasting weight loss. Please feel free to ask your Ideal Protein Coach any questions you may have. 

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