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December Tool Kit

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Blog, Weight Loss Tips | 0 comments

Don’t be fooled. It may be a Christmas like no other, you may not be attending parties, but keeping health a priority and not succumbing to instant gratification, old habits,” just this one time”, “I deserve it”, “I’ll get back on track in January”, takes being proactive and being actively engaged in shaping your life. 

1. What am I truly committed to?
2. Why am I doing this?
3. Knowing my past, what do I need to do differently this year?
4. Am I hoping it works out or do I have a solid plan?
5. Would I bet $10,000 dollars I can stick to my plan?
6. What have I said to myself in the past that had me not stick to my plan? How can I rewrite the script?
7. Am I really willing to let go of foods that no longer serve me but that have given me relief and comfort in the past? Why am I ready to do this?

1. Food is a huge part of the equation but so is mindset. We are blessed with many tools. Check out the books on our online store or your preferred book store for inspiration.
2. Your coach is there to point out deficiencies in your set up – it’s why you hired a coach! Be gracious, let them support you, keep an open mind.
3. It’s really basic, successful dieters who maintain their weight loss are resetting their metabolism and their mindset. They all do very similar actions – they track, they plan, they are connected to their “why”, they are learning, they make time to keep their goal a priority, they have things they want to do in life that require a healthy body, and they have a coach. Successful dieters are no longer testing what they can get away with, they are 100% engaged in healthy habits and life long changes. They are not perfect but their actions are supporting their goals and values (most of the time). 

1. Do a simple non food related 30 day challenge – journal every day, take 3 big breaths before getting out of bed, a daily 15 minute walk.

2. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, rear view mirror, on your fridge,  telling yourself what is truly important to you. Fitting into your skinny jeans is not a sufficient reason, dig deeper.

3. Listening to your body. Are you tired, are you needing  fresh air, are you sitting too long, are you tending  to your physical well being beyond what you eat. How about a 30 day yoga challenge – Yoga with Adriene is gentle, works for phase  1 and is FREE.

4. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a great approach to catch what you  say to yourself and the traps the brain makes. Diet Trap – available on the VB online store.

5. Recipes – make great food for you and your family. Check out our recipe blog!

6. If you find that you are fighting yourself, struggling to nurture the part of you that food has comforted for so long then you will want to start building a new foundation to handle life stressors in new ways. Daily exercise and a meditation practice is key. These zoom group meditations are extraordinary – offered by Gina Miller who coached the Ideal Protein protocol for 4 years.

7. Recommit every day, no coasting. It takes energy, dedication and creativity to lose weight and keep it off. Be kind and gracious to yourself. We have a fresh start with each breath.

8. Journal – start your day with all that you appreciate about your life. Your pillow, your shower, your fridge, your family, the  trees, laughter…

9. Seek out others that are engaged in making changes. Who you spend time with matters.

10. Your environment has a huge impact on your success. Start small, but start. Declutter drawers, closets, rooms, and raise the bar on your home environment. Is it a match for the new the healthy you?

The VB Team is honoured to support you and be a part of your  journey.




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