by Zan Romeder – weight loss coach since 2011 and owner of Vital Body

Weight loss is awesome. But what is truly awesome is knowing what to eat, enjoying what you eat and maintaining your weight. Now that is the miracle. When I started with Ideal Protein back in 2010 I was praying for a healthy weight loss solution. I did not realize that the real deal was going to be learning how to maintain.

I admit it took me a long time to truly commit to learning how to maintain. I would eat healthy, avoid certain foods but inevitably eating “healthy” was too high carb for my body and the pounds would creep back on. Sometimes quickly pile back on. I found it very frustrating as I truly was trying hard and making some good food choices. Clearly what I was doing was not working. I had some learning and unlearning to do.


At Ideal Protein the weight loss program includes phase 1 where you lose weight and reset your metabolism. In phase 2 your coach walks you through stabilization – a slow and measured reintroduction of complex carbohydrates. Phase 3 is where you learn to live your life, eat low carb, manage self-care, stay hydrated, add in more exercise and do all the great things a healthy body can do. We all love phase 1 because it’s a more glamorous and glorious phase. You are losing weight, fitting into your jeans again, feeling way more energized, less inflammation, sleeping better and it’s just so damn good.

Phase 3 has no end. It’s eating well for life. Finding a balance of eating well, nourishing yourself and enjoying some lesser quality foods like donuts or pizza. Phase 3 is where you really want a coach by your side. Someone to support you, guide you and help you see what is working and not working.

So my unique macro code based on my weight and gender includes:

  • 6 servings of Protein
  • 4-6 servings Fat
  • 55 Net Carbs (not including veggies!)


I go over 55 net carbs when I eat a whole chocolate bar. (yes that has happened)

I feel totally different when my carbs come from roasted beets and butternut squash than when they come from bread or pasta.

Eating well often leads to way more than 55 net carbs and 4 servings of fat. Think guacamole, chickpeas, sandwich. (eating well is not the same as following my macro code).

It’s not about being good or bad but learning what works for my body and trial and error. THIS IS HUGE folks.

A coach is what made the difference – someone to be accountable to, to review my food journal with, to be honest with and trouble shoot with. 

There’s 5 grams of carbs in my ketchup serving. I was really sad to learn that. And it’s not considered an ideal food ha!

I love the way we position food as Ideal, Fair or Poor. It’s clearly defined and sometimes it’s obvious, like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen you know is going to be all fat and carbs of poor quality. But sometimes you get surprised. I used to snack on Medjool dates – 4 of those easy and I’ve ingested 60 carbs and that was just a simple snack as I’m making dinner. Sure I suppose it’s better than a chocolate bar but those carbs were making my insulin spike and then my hunger would spike. I was always FRUSTRATED as I was NOT eating junk food but I was always hungry and always wanting cookies, toast with honey, bread and cheese to try and feel full.

Once I ate according to my macros it started to feel natural to want to eat more veggies, drink water and eat foods that made me feel good. I no longer had to work at “not wanting” to eat certain things. It’s basically MAGIC. I had tried so many things and done so many partial programs, switching from one book to the next, trying the latest idea. I do think it’s important to explore, have some trial and error but with a coach, a food journal and a simple plan that does not rule out any food this was the only way I had long term success.

And as a coach it is amazing to be 110% confident in what you tell clients to try. I know they won’t be hungry, I know they will feel awesome and I know we have answers that make sense and feel great.


I start with a plan for the day, if I don’t have a plan I’m tracking as I go to keep the awareness. (once you have your code and awareness of what you can eat then you don’t need to track as tightly but this takes time to get there). For sure it happens, I record at the end of the day and realize YIKES that was way off.

BREAKFAST (1 protein, 1 fat, 14 carbs)

3 eggs scrambled with green onions and coffee with cream

Frozen Blueberries

LUNCH (2 protein, 14 carbs, 2 fats)

Left over chicken and roasted beets, salad with dressing and pistachios. 

SNACK (1 protein)

Ideal Protein Chocolate Smoothie Drink 

DINNER (2 protein, 1 fat, 17 carbs)

Fish with Salsa, steamed broccoli with olive oil and quinoa 


6 Protein

4 Fat

45 carbs

Plus 4 cups veggies minimum

This is a day that leaves me feeling clean, well fed, happy taste buds and keeps my weight in check. It won’t trigger cravings and I feel satiated. The macro code is not set in stone. You may have less hungry days or hungrier days. You get to listen to your body. You get better at listening to your body and knowing what you need or don’t need.


I thought I would be fighting food cravings and carb cravings forever. For years my body craved poor quality carbs, despite eating well. Turns out all I had to do was reset my metabolism, feed myself high quality carbs and ensure I get my macros in before eating low quality foods like dried fruit, muffins and crepes (what I called healthy before) and BOOM feeling satiated all day long and no more feeling deprived and no more cravings. And I know how to include any food I may want to have, nothing is off limits.

We want this for all of you. Our weight loss program coaches healthy weight loss and teaches you how to keep it off. This program is so much more than weight loss. The coach is there for you to help you discover and learn how to eat and how to make long term habit changes and mind set changes.

Each journey is unique. This is a taste of my journey that has had ups and downs but always learning. I am happy to answer questions you may have but remember it’s not about whether one food is good or bad for you. It’s about resetting your metabolism, learning your macro code and how to eat within your daily Macro Code budget.

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