Dr. Tran’s “Because it’s your life” Book Review by Coach Gina

Dear Ideal Protein dieters,

I wanted to share with you a great tool that you have at your disposal, Dr. Tran’s book Because It’s Your Life.

The title of the book could not summarize the weight loss journey any more succinctly. It is indeed your life and the decision to change patterns and become the person you want to be is yours alone.

This book offers explanations for weight issues from dietary, cultural and psychological frame works. We can all likely agree that there is never any one issue that causes weight gain.

There is a section with a detailed explanation of how insulin works to store fat, how the diet works to minimize insulin spiking and why an unbalanced approach is key in the weight loss phase of the protocol. All phases of the IP diet are detailed, making the book a very useful reference for dieters.

I believe that at the heart and success of the diet is Dr. Tran’s understanding of the emotional aspect of our relationship with food. This understanding is essential for going forward with a healthy way of eating filled with pleasure and for keeping the weight off .

As Dr. Tran says, “They (the dieter) must be strong enough to ask the real questions. What happened in my career or personal life that is leading me to seek comfort in food? From what or from whom am I protecting myself by eating senselessly? What do I really need: food, chocolate or something else…?”

What I admire about Ideal Protein is that Dr.Tran’s initial intention to help people rediscover themselves and to learn how to have balance in their life remains the focus. With this program, there is an opportunity to walk with confidence in your body and become “food independent”.

The goal is that eating well becomes a reflex, not an unnatural calorie counting watchfulness.

For me, the Lifestyle Program is the most exciting part as it really takes letting go to trust yourself and to give in to enjoyment, knowing that you are armed with solid tools to use so that you can keep what you worked for.

I highly recommend reading the Dr. Tran book for yourself, which is available at VB.

Enjoy curling up with this book at the end of your day, knowing how well you are taken care of on this diet and on this journey.

Congratulations again on making this program a loving commitment to yourself.

Coach Gina, Certified Ideal Protein Coach

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