“My Vital Body Story” – by dieter Amanda

Growing up I was always a lean, athletic kid. Playing sports and being active was what I did, but as I got older and entered adulthood my activities slowed down and I found my bad eating habits starting to catch up with me. Then came marriage and children.

Shortly after our first born turned one she was diagnosed with a rare disease called cystinosis. Her disease requires around the clock medications with regular checks up at the hospital and while we learned how to care for her, taking care of myself became a low priority. Stress and depression contributed to my increasing weight and just after her second birthday we learned we were expecting another child. Needless to say the demands of parenting two young children, with one needing extra medical attention, the years were not kind to my body.

Suddenly I was overweight and hardly recognized myself when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw and when I started fitting clothes in the plus size section I realized just how much I’d gained. I was burdened with low self esteem and couldn’t deal with the larger emotional issues of parenting and my loss of identity from being a caregiver. I needed to do something but I felt like I didn’t have the time or the energy to work out.

 Amanda Before Vial Body

I first learned about Vital Body and the Ideal Protein diet when my mother started there and at first I was completely against it. A restricted calorie diet where you didn’t feel hungry, lost weight quickly and didn’t need to exercise sounded too good to be true. When she tried to explain the science behind it I didn’t listen and just assumed it was another quack diet. But she stuck with it and appeared to be feeling and doing great the whole time. Of course by the time she finished she looked amazing. I couldn’t believe how much she’d lost in the short amount of time she was on it and you could almost see her new confidence radiating from her. And it looked easy.

After seeing her success I wanted to try too, but I was hesitant to make the commitment. What if I couldn’t stick to it? What if it was too difficult? I knew from my mom that I would only achieve my desired results if I committed 100%. But I was tired of feeling like I was in someone else’s body, tired of hating my reflection and tired of feeling tired all the time. Making that first consultation with Vital Body was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

I found so much guidance and support from everyone at Vital Body. Right from the beginning I felt like they truly cared about my health and that I was more than just a client. My main coach was Gina and she listened to my concerns, guided me through the protocol and most importantly let me know that they were always there for me. The weekly check ins were just what I needed to stay on track. Every week pounds and/or inches (most times both) were lost and it kept me motivated and confident that I was on the right track.

And it really was as good as it looked! As a busy mom, working part time and looking after my kids the rest of the time, I found the Ideal Protein diet was just what I needed. The guidelines were simply laid out and easy to follow. At first it was difficult denying myself all the things I used to do, like take nibbles out of my kids food, eat pasta pretty much every day, and order my beloved green tea frappuccinos from Starbucks. But as time went on I found I didn’t miss them and began to realize just how damaging those habits had been to my health. After 6 months at Vital Body I lost over 55 pounds!

Now I feel like myself again and when I look in the mirror I’m happy (and a little stunned) at what I see. In fact I’m even better than my old self, because even though I was skinny I still had bad eating habits, I was just young and active and got away with it for awhile. Now I have a better understanding of what a healthy diet should look like. I have more energy and not only my body but my heart feels lighter. I’m a better mother to my children and more confident in myself.

 Amanda after Vital Body

Perhaps the best part about Vital Body is the continued support after the diet is over. Now I’m the one making all the decisions on what to eat and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. The continued check ins with Gina feel more important to me now than ever. With her there to keep me on track, answer my many questions and calm my fears that I’ll gain it all back I feel like I really can do this. I’ve been given a second chance to do things right and really take care of myself and this time I intend to. And thankfully I have Vital Body to watch my back.

Thanks to dieter Amanda Buck for writing this story and allowing us to share it on our blog.

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