All about the foods on our weight loss program.

What is the purpose of the foods on our weight loss program?

Here’s everything you need to know about our foods.

Many people ask us about the purpose of the foods that we use on our weight loss program at Vital Body. As you may have seen from browsing our website, we are an Authorized Ideal Protein Centre which means that we use and administer the method created by the team of physicians, cardiologist and nutritionists at Ideal Protein. This includes the foods they make for the sole purpose of taking care of dieters on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

Bad foods, bad programs.

Many people are weary of weight loss packaged foods and we don’t blame them. There are many bad weight loss products on the market that are full of poor quality ingredients claiming to be the sole solution to people’s weight loss issues. We’ve heard many stories from our very own dieters who have told us about the awful foods they forced down on other programs. At one point Jenny Craig was owned by Nestle until they sold in recent years: the same company that produces Kraft Dinner really had created a full loop. There is in fact reason to question which weight loss companies have your best interest at heart. But that’s a story for another day!

It’s important to note that our foods are used in combination with whole foods every day on the diet, including low glycemic vegetables and animal or vegetarian protein at the evening meal.

What is the function of the foods on our program?

First, the foods are essential for calibrating calorie intake and for protecting muscle mass while in the fat burning zone. One of the best things about our weight loss program is that we make sure you are losing body fat, not muscle mass or water. Second, think about what would happen if you were suppressing your desire for pleasurable foods for any length of time. Sure you could do it for a week, but then what? Rebound. No one should have to suppress a perfectly natural desire to enjoy food. That’s exactly what our foods provide on our program. We have over 60 different protein foods at Vital Body that come in all forms of sweet and savoury. Everyone has their favourites! Our foods are part of what makes our program so wildly successful.

What about the quality of the foods?

Our milk proteins (whey isolates, whole milk protein and milk protein concentrate) come from grass‐fed, antibiotic and hormone free cows from farms in Canada. Our soy producers do not use GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds or weed‐killer. All products undergo a complete analysis for heavy metals, pesticides, moles and bacteria and other pollutants.

Our protein is 95% bio-available. Bio-availability measures the body’s capacity to absorb the protein you are ingesting and ours is some of the highest quality bio-available protein on the market. Compared to the whey tubs you can find on the shelf, the quality of our protein far exceeds anything you could find at the grocery store.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and as always, all questions are welcome. Contact us to ask additional questions to a live coach.

We hope this information has helped you on your way to finding the right weight loss program for you.

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