How does the Pleasure Day work for weight maintenance? by Coach Gina

Using the Pleasure Day principle is another great weight maintenance trick.

Let’s talk PLEASURE!

Now that you have reached your goal weight and you are learning about weight maintenance, there are certain tools we will teach you about. When you use them as designed, you will be capable of keeping the body that you feel good in! Here’s the thing; the aim is to find ease and comfort in the way you eat, for the rest of your life. Hang in there, it takes commitment and intention. Just like the weight loss phase did.


One of the main components to the maintenance program at Vital Body, also known as the Lifestyle Program, is the once a week Pleasure Day that is always follow by the Clean Day. Step by step, you will gain control over what you put into your body and clarify your preferences. You will see how your body reacts to the foods you chose and adjust what you eat. You will also enjoy the benefits of exercise be it running, dancing or simple stretching. It’s a very exciting process.


The philosophy behind the Pleasure Day, followed by the Clean Day, is a wonderful one: never suppress your desires around food! Instead, harness food and use it for nurturing, satisfying and enjoying.


How the Pleasure Day works.


For some people a Pleasure Day is a full day affair of care free food. Meaning, no guilt and really having things that vier away from the guidelines of everyday balanced eating. For others, it may be one thing like a dish or treat that they just love and are craving. For most of us, that means mixing carbs and fats and perhaps a cocktail or two. To be clear, this is not license for unhealthy practices like binging. It’s about the freedom to know that you are enjoying foods you love and doing it in way that is loving and nurturing. The science of the Clean Day ensure that the excess calories, fat and carb combos are being neutralized.


How the Clean Day works.

You will not be spiking insulin on your Clean Day (also know to graduate dieters as a Phase 1 day) and you will be using up the excess calories from the day before by keeping calories under 850. Unlike when you are in Phase 1 while losing weight, you may exercise on your Clean Day.


Lets get down to brass tacks for those of you who enjoy knowing the science of how this works to maintain your weight. I’d like to share some tips on what I do to leverage this tool to the best advantage for me.


The mechanics of the Pleasure Day and Clean Day are the same for everyone. The purpose of having a Phase One day after a day of indulgence is so that you are using up the extra calories and carbs from the pleasure foods that were had on the Pleasure Day and not spiking insulin the day after said Pleasure Day.


I find that a super helpful strategy for myself is to really plan the Clean Day. Knowing that I am set up with my very favourite Ideal Protein foods and the veggies that I love prepares me to complete the PD/CD powerfully. I feel like being mentally prepared and committed to my Clean Day really brings me a sense of ease around my Pleasure Day. I LIKE the feeling of eating super clean after a my indulgence. The feeling that the Clean Day brings is “I am in control of my body”. That happens because I have already pre-paved the outcome by making a decision ahead of time. That is the mind set part. Seeing the reality of it on the scale is a secondary gratifying outcome of course.


Generally speaking, my Pleasure Days consist of sweeter treats because that is what I desire most. I do enjoy a nice big slice of pie! I may also enjoy a large bag of buttered popcorn at the theatre on the weekend too. Remember that there are 56 Pleasure days in a year, so no need to get it all in at once! Planning and choosing are great but you may also leave room for spontaneity if you are committed to your Clean Days.


What it’s really about in the end.


I want to reiterate that this is absolutely about authentically getting in touch with your body and eventually having a really good connection between your body, mind and spirit. I have had several dieters decide that two Clean days in a row per week really works for them. This is okay. Any more than that will play with your metabolism. This is Phase 4 maintenance which is about stabilizing and maintaining your awesome body, eating habits and your thinking about food. As with the other aspects of living a new healthy lifestyle, I suggest that you keep things simple and mindful.


It is natural to feel a little nervous about having these “forbidden fruits” after being on such a structured plan during your weight loss phase. Please use your coach to discuss these hesitations and know that there is absolutely no rush to have a Pleasure Day. Take it slow. Keep it simple. The WHY booklet is a great companion piece to all of this. When you are in contact with WHY you want the body that you have, you will gain more respect for the road you have walked to get there. You can feel liberty and a desire to nurture yourself. What is a big part of that very freedom and nurturing? PLEASURE!


Enjoy indulging!

Coach Gina

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  • Tammy Harrison
    June 15, 2019 9:56 pm

    I probably won’t do the Indulgence Day. I may have a muffin or something as a snack with my evening coffee that I made for my husband. Other than that, this free day just doesn’t interest me.

    • Hi Tammy – the top thing we promote is listening to what feels right for you! So yes the pleasure day is a tool to eat foods you don’t necessarily need but may have a desire for. The point is to always enjoy what you are eating either way. Many dieters find that knowing what to do if they over indulge or get off track helps them stay on track. The psychology of options… Healthy relationship to food and ourselves is the key. Thanks for reading and posting.

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