Top 5 reasons we love the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

There are so many reasons to love the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

There are thousands of options out there. So why did Vital Body choose to offer the Ideal Protein method? Well, it made sense! We had seen personal success stories and we were impressed with how we could understand the physiology and protocol. We were also easily able to show others the results by explaining the science behind the method. We loved the coaching model: having the right support and structure sets dieters up to win.


All in all:


  1. We love the four phase approach: Phase 1 is the weight loss phase, Phase 2 and Phase 3 are a slow graduation back to balanced eating and Phase 4 (the most important) is learning to maintain your weight.
  2. We love the two contracts: 1. to lose the weight and 2. to maintain your weight
  3. We love how simple it is. The balance of prepared foods with your own vegetables and salad is perfect and realistic.
  4. We love the tasty foods. Impossible to get bored on the diet!
  5. We love how the focus is on food first and then exercise. One thing at a time!

Bonus reasons we love the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program:


We love how so many people can follow this diet. We love how people can reduce the medications in they are on. We love how happy a physician is to see their patient lose weight and get healthy so quickly.
We also love that the doctor who designed this program is from Paris, loves food and believes in pleasure as a necessity for keeping a healthy weight. “You can’t live off three green peas,” he says. So rest assured, you can enjoy your wine and chocolate in maintenance.


And lastly, we love how natural the process is. Your body burns your own fat for energy. It’s that simple. No secret pills, no injections. Just pure fat burning.


What about the maintenance part of the program?


You could say losing the weight is the easy part. Easy with Ideal Protein that’s for sure! The real goal is keeping the weight off. Why are dieters from Vital Body successful?


1. They only lose fat when on the Ideal Protein protocol. Muscle and lean body mass are protected.
2. There is a slow re-entry process to eating all regular foods.
3. There is a resetting of the pancreas to enhance the body’s capacity to properly manage blood sugar levels.
4. With a few simple strategies keeping the weight off is a done deal.


Living and loving your life on the Lifestyle Program in maintenance.


Here are some simple tips and insights into our Lifestyle Program:


1. Don’t mix carbs and fats. E.g. Cake, Pizza, Ice Cream, Candy
2. Stay away from juice and dried fruit.
3. Five days a week follow the Phase 4 eating strategies.
4. Once a week have a Pleasure Day. Enjoy any food you want. Don’t eat excessively.
5. The day following your Free Day is always a Clean Day.
6. Add a regular exercise routine to your life. Daily movement is preferable. You will gain more from doing 15 minutes every day than doing 1 hour all at once.


Other maintenance eating strategies:


Breakfast – all food groups allowed.
Lunch – No carbs. Protein, vegetables and salad. Fats are good here (e.g. cheese).
Dinner – Carbs and Protein. Complex carbs are always better for you. Brown rice instead of white pasta. Grains versus bread. Vegetables and salad as always.
Evening Snack – preferably protein based foods.


Remember, both our weight loss program and weight maintenance program are holistic programs with a whole lot of science behind them. There is a reason a coach is required to administer the program, there’s a lot to learn! Vital Body’s team is known as the Gold Standard for the quality and care with which we administer the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. You can book a free consultation and meet with a coach anytime through our easy online system. We hope to see you soon!


The VB Team
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